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  1. I would get EVGA FTW cards. They also let you take the cooler off without voiding the warranty, unlike reference cards. The OC is tied to the power limit, so FTW is the best.
  2. Worked horribly for my 2080ti. Low core temp, but high vrm temps and lots of crashing. Ended up achieving lower over-clocks overall.
  3. I would just build a new system, but if the parts are that hard to get, you will notice an improvement with the 2070 in some games.
  4. I had a 6700 and saw a huge performance uplift with a CPU upgrade to a 8086k. Even if it says 20% usage, that just means that the game is using one or two cores at 100%. The CPU will limit you for sure.
  5. I reinstalled it again and it is not crashing anymore, although the temps are still higher than I thought they would be. I also had to lower the core oc from 130 to 60, while the memory oc stayed stable at 850. Oh, and I also bought a $15 laser temp gun to check the chip temps.
  6. Hybrid kits are not available at all for founders editions. Havent even been able to find one on eBay. I had to go with the g12 and x62.
  7. Memory pooling is not supported on the 2080ti to my understanding. That is only a workstation card feature.
  8. Yeah before I installed a water water cooler and g12 on my 2080ti xc it would get up to 83 with 100% fan speed. It is important to get the FTW for its huge cooler or put these cards on water...especially when maxing out the power limit.
  9. I just installed on the same two items on my 2080ti and was having similar crashing issues. I will try to reinstall it again. How tight did you tighten them? How much paste did you use?
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. It is an EVGA card, so the VRM's are cooled by the back and front plates that have been left on the card. There is also one fan directly on the card, as well as 5 other case fans. Maybe I should just ditch the whole g12 and x62 thing and get an ek bblock for it.
  11. I installed a g12 bracket and 280mm aio on to my card. It has continued to freeze ever since. I thought it was maybe because it was reaching higher clocks, but it still freezes even after lowering them. Any ideas?
  12. Overclocked with a 130 power limit, my card is getting up to 70c during demanding gaming loads. Is this normal with such a powerful cooler? I just did some more testing. If I set it to stock, the high is 56 with a few min of bench marking. This all seems too high for me.
  13. I would take the cooler off and reseat it. It should not be that high at all. The heat issues with the 9900k are overblown. The cooler is most likely not making complete contact with the CPU.