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  1. Recently I got out my old gaming laptop. An ASUS G51VX. Been reading up on upgrades such as CPU, RAM, and storage. Unfortunately there hasn't been much help in the way of graphics. Asus made custom MXM GPU PCBs. This means that it is impossible to use an ordinary MXM card. So the alternatives are overclocking software(IF they'll work on such old graphics), or leaving it alone. I began to wonder if it was possible to hard mod an MXM GPU, even a custom one. I mean if it can be done on ordinary full size GPUs, why not am MXM. So far my search has yet to yield any useful results. If there is a precedence of hard modding MXM cards, could someone comment a link or even shed a small amount of light on this(good or bad, doesnt matter). I was thinking about buying 1 or 2 of my card and poking around carefully. Thoughts?
  2. There are universal basic cooling blocks for the 960, i believe EK has them. Basically they're like the CPU cooling blocks. I wasn't to happy when i saw that there were no form fitting blocks for the 960. AIO?
  3. I recently built a new rig with a self contained liquid cooling kit. Thermaltake's Water Extreme-S. Now that I've seen more videos and awesome liquid cooled rigs I want to try it out. My case is a Corsair Vengeance C70. Decently roomy, and cable management is solid. I do know that i am goin to relocate my radiator outside of the case. Thinking about a cylinder resevoir,almost like a T-Virus. Clear hoses, and i may or may not custom color the coolant. The pump will be installed in the bays above the hard drives. Tips, product advice, etc. anything informative would be helpful.
  4. Thanks, still working on learning programming, not easy but fun lol
  5. Hello everyone, NewGuy here. Stumbled upon the LTT youtube channel and shuttled on over here to join. Just recently built a new rig, but alas school and work don't leave me a lot of time to game or play around on it. I have built multiple computers over the years now and am currently tech support for all who know me, mostly friends and family. Favorite component companies are Asus, Thermaltake, nVidia, WD, G.SKILL, AMD. Many people have told me that nVidia and AMD aren't supposed to be used together,not sure if thats true or not (what with internet always having the truth), I personally have never had any issues in combining them. I rebuilt my first computer, which still runs btw, back in 2008/9. Currently running Asus M3N78-PRO MoBo w/ built in nVidia 8300 GPU and chipset, 8GB of G.SKILL PC2-6400 RAM, recently upgraded to the AMD Phenom II X4 940, powered by a Thermaltake 850Watt Power Supply, all housed in a Raidmax case. She still runs and is my normal everyday use PC. My newest rig is running an Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z MoBo, EVGA GeForce GTX 960 SSC GPU, 32GB of G.SKILL PC3-10700 RAM, WD 2TB SATA HDD and SEAGATE(dont judge me) 1TB for additional space, AMD FX-9370 CPU, powered by a EVGA NX650G PSU, cooled by Thermaltake Water Extreme-S, all housed in a Corsair Vengeance C70 military styled case. This is my first attempt at water cooling and so far i do enjoy the quiet of it. Currently going to school for computer engineering and toying around with Raspberry Pi technology. Recently built a mini Pi-Laptop out of parts just lying around. All pics are enclosed enclosed including my RPi Laptop, and current work area which is quite messy lol