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  1. I am poor, any suggestions are appreciated! Hi, so these are my current specs : CPU: Fx 8350 | CPU Cooler: AMD STOCK CPU COOLER | Motherboard: MSI 990FXA-GD80 | Ram: Corsair Vengence 4GB DDR3 | Graphics Card: MSI 1060 6 GB| HDD: 1 TB Samsung | Case: CM elite 310 | Monitor: Aoc e2050S | Power Supply: Cooler Master GX 650W v2 So I will be honest I have spent much of my saving on this computer and ever since I purchased it the computer has been nothing but trouble. Something always dies or stops working and I need to add more money into it to revive it. Just recently my old GPU died so I got a new one and with the new GPU I always get blue screen of death. I isolated the problem and it is with the motherboard. I can easily fix it if I get a new ram stick. But even then I am not sure whether the computer will work properly or not. As when a friend gave me this motherboard it got damaged in shipping it works fine but their is a problem with ram slots for more information you can refer to this link : My question would it be better to purchase a new ram stick for this computer or just get a new motherboard, cpu and ram?
  2. Thanks both for helping me out much appreciated
  3. I reset the motherboard using reset button and now im getting display with my old card atleast now im sure my computer did not die. Ill get the 1060 I purchased rmaed
  4. Ive already tried two gpus as i mentioned msi 1060 6 gb and 7870 ghz edition New video :
  5. CPU: Fx 8350 | CPU Cooler: AMD STOCK CPU COOLER | Motherboard: MSI 990FXA-GD80 | Ram: Corsair Vengence 8GB DDR3 | Graphics Card: SAPPHIRE HD 7870 GHz Edition 2GB GDDR5 ( The old card )/ MSI 1060 6 GB ( The new one)| HDD: 1 TB Samsung | Case: CM elite 310 | Monitor: Aoc e2050S | Power Supply: Cooler Master GX 650W v2 Can you possibly take a look at this video : https://youtu.be/LCu7VxVDK6w and let me know if you have any knowledge about these codes : ? PS - The computer is now old but I have not used it much... as I mentioned it gave me a lot of trouble so it has been dead most of the time I owned it. Every time I revive it then it works then dies again with some new problem
  6. Hello, Everyone thanks for your help in advance! So My old gpu 7870 Ghz edition stopped working for me. I meant it worked and gave a display but when ever I installed drivers the screen would go black. I tried installing old drivers from DVD which came with it and new drivers after running Display driver uninstaller but no change. I could not even watch youtube on it because of stutter. Since my computer is old and gave me nothing but trouble since I first purchased it. I decided to not spend much money on it and purchase a second hand GPU. So I got a good deal and got an MSI dual fan 1060 6 GB of a good friend who ensured the gpu works and has 1 year of warranty. So I purchased it and installed it and wolla! I got a display again So happy that I could get back to playing overwatch. But my computer restarted with some bad gibberish graphics. So I rebooted computer and ran the GPU benchmark (Heaven) which crashed at first. Then I ran over watch which crashed giving some an error something like - display adapter resolver failed. So ignoring it I restarted computer. Let it sit for a few minutes then ran heaven without any problems. It worked! everything seemed fine. I ran over watch played it but it crashed and my computer froze. I rebooted the computer and tried to play over watch again. This time it ran fine without any problems I played one quick play game which I lost... Then I started a competitive match and as soon as I found a game my computer screen went complete black like the monitor has turned off. I rebooted the computer nothing the screen was still blank. I knew the monitor was getting a signal otherwise I would have gotten a message cable not connected. So I rebooted it again and nothing same old black screen for me. I turned off the computer completely. Discharged myself of static electricity and swapped my gpu with my old 7870 ghz to make sure the computer was still okay as my old card still gave display but only stopped when I installed drivers. But sadly this time it also gave me the same old black screen (The black screen of doom) So to my curious mind I rebooted the computer and heard 3 beeps. I removed the side panel and rebooted the computer. I no longer hear those beeps but when I check the mother board I see some post codes. Which I am not able to understand. So any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I went through the motherboard guide no information about these codes. I am attaching some images of the motherboard model.. Sorry I could not upload video here as it is more than 20 mb so I have uploaded it on youtube instead. Here is the link : https://youtu.be/LCu7VxVDK6w
  7. Hi, I was looking for used graphics cards and came accross two cards Rx 580 8 gb used with 1 year warranty for 120 USD. And 1060 6 gb for 106 USD with one year warranty So which one should I go for?
  8. I can't find one with flashed bios
  9. Aren't most cards there fake?
  10. The 4gb variant? As that one is 35$ more and 8gb variant of 580 cost around 200 USD
  11. Please note i have no knowledge about gpus right now so any help is appreciated
  12. My old gpu died so I went out looking for new one I found the cheapest new gpu on Amazon is rx580 /570 for 155 USD but a friend of mine is selling msi 1060 6 gb for 120 USD which one should I go with?
  13. Hi im getting a1060 6 gb msi used for 115 usd. Should I go for it? Replacing my dead 7870 ghz edition with used 1060 is it a good idea? Also are there any new gpus in the same price range? With better pricr to performance ratio
  14. How to tell if its a mining unit or not?