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    1 sweqond = 69 seconds
  • Birthday 2001-11-07

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    Al Mighty G
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    overclocked FX 9590 paired with 4 R9 295X2
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    The ORIGIN of my depression Is origin
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    Technomancer (profile name) - george_cons (account name)
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    on an island in the Mediterranean called Cyprus
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    I sexually identify as a single, Pringle, ready to mingle. Ever since I was a potato I dreamed of being thin sliced, covered in disgusting oil then heated in a medium oven until reaching climax at the micro second of golden-browness. People bully me, and say things like "what the fuck, you aren't a Pringle", but I know deep down they are just jealous of my inner beauty. I have already started hiding in cylinders all day, and now im improving my crunchiness by regularly burning my sides on the stove. I want you guys to respect my natural ability to instantly satisfy low salt carb cravings, and if you don't you are oppressing me, and you should check your diabetes type. Thank you for being so understanding.
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    School (unfortunately)


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    Intel i5-6600 (they actually delivered wrong CPU i ordered the k)
  • Motherboard
    MSI h110 pro-D (dick) - rip msi pc mate z170
  • RAM
    2x16= 32 GB corsair vengeance lpx ddr4 3200mhz
  • GPU
    zotac GTX 1070 AMP EXTREME! (oc @2155)
  • Case
    zalman z9 neo
  • Storage
    samsung 850 evo 500gb, wd green 32 cache 1tb + toshiba p300 3tb
  • PSU
    corsair rm1000i
  • Display(s)
    ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278QR @165 htz, asus ASUS VC239H 1080p 23 inch 60htz oc @74 htz + 1.5 other crappy ones (the one is the square aspect ratio so it counts as .5)
  • Cooling
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    Corsair K70 Rapid-fire (mx cherry speed). rip technet gn-3138
  • Mouse
    utech smart venus
  • Sound
    natec genesis hx 66
  • Operating System
    windows 10 pro

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  1. found the Nokia 8 Sirocco for 290 pounds. about 333 euros or 375 $

    I think I will go with that. even tho it doesn't have a micro sd card and a headphone jack ☹️

    1. Technomancer__


      ☹️ turns out i cannot ship it here 

    2. Technomancer__


      gearbest ships everywhere

      i managed to get the pocophone f1 128 gb from there

  2. Technomancer__

    Which Huawei?

    Tanvir uNV 8 hours ago This phone is now available in Bangladesh but the price is too damn high ! They are asking about 330usd or 27.5k taka for 4/64!! Really bad and feeling sad Waiting for price drop found a comment
  3. Technomancer__

    Which Huawei?

    ohh nice the 7.1 plus will be released soon hope its not too expensive
  4. https://wn.nr/fzdmBV 5000$ origin pc giveaway
    https://wn.nr/9N2CzM 3300$ origin pc giveaway
  5. Technomancer__

    Do USB drives degrade or throttle?

    well usb drives just like ssds have a limited write cycle its probably going to die soon
  6. Technomancer__

    Best Settings for Gaming

    just change your dns to and (google)
  7. Technomancer__

    Looking for games.

    metro 2033 and last light. metro exodus is releasing soon witcher series is very good too
  8. Technomancer__

    Is £180 a good price for a gtx 1070?

    that pretty good
  9. Technomancer__

    This AM4 Motherboard any good? (FreeNAS)

    That was what I was trying to tell you. Unraid is very versatile you can even start from 1 data drive. I would recommend starting with 1 data and 1 parity drive. This whould basicly be raid 1 In the future when you run out of storage you can add another data drive and it will become like raid 5 with 3 drives. I recommend you get 3 of this 2 data and 1 parity I have only 1 data drive but all important data is backed up to other drives outside the array. ( I will add 1 data drive and 1 parity drive in the future)
  10. Technomancer__

    This AM4 Motherboard any good? (FreeNAS)

    this should do fine from where are you going to buy it?
  11. nice updated to unraid 6.6.0 and now you can see memory load and cpu usage of each docker from the docker panel

    I hope they fixed this bug in the 6.6.1. I will update it when I finish encoding some stuff with handbrake and I will update the status update if it's fixed.


    1. Technomancer__


      yep i just updated to 6.6.1 and its fixed

  12. Technomancer__

    i need friends lol. let’s chat

    if I did that they would have hanged me
  13. Technomancer__


    if there was it would be illegal. Just buy a plan from one of these companies
  14. Technomancer__

    Control Your PC from ANYWHERE! - Pulseway Showcase

    when will it release?