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    overclocked FX 9590 paired with 4 R9 295X2
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    The ORIGIN of my depression Is origin
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    on an island in the Mediterranean called Cyprus
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    I sexually identify as a single, Pringle, ready to mingle. Ever since I was a potato I dreamed of being thin sliced, covered in disgusting oil then heated in a medium oven until reaching climax at the micro second of golden-browness. People bully me, and say things like "what the fuck, you aren't a Pringle", but I know deep down they are just jealous of my inner beauty. I have already started hiding in cylinders all day, and now im improving my crunchiness by regularly burning my sides on the stove. I want you guys to respect my natural ability to instantly satisfy low salt carb cravings, and if you don't you are oppressing me, and you should check your diabetes type. Thank you for being so understanding.
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    School (unfortunately)


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    Intel i5-6600 (they actually delivered wrong CPU i ordered the k)
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    MSI h110 pro-D (dick) - rip msi pc mate z170
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    2x16= 32 GB corsair vengeance lpx ddr4 3200mhz
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    zotac GTX 1070 AMP EXTREME! (oc @2155)
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    zalman z9 neo
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    samsung 850 evo 500gb, wd green 32 cache 1tb + toshiba p300 3tb
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    corsair rm1000i
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    ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278QR @165 htz, asus ASUS VC239H 1080p 23 inch 60htz oc @74 htz + 1.5 other crappy ones (the one is the square aspect ratio so it counts as .5)
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    Corsair K70 Rapid-fire (mx cherry speed). rip technet gn-3138
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    utech smart venus
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    natec genesis hx 66
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    windows 10 pro

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  1. recommendations for audio setup (dac/amp, mic and headphones)

    @Dackzyturns up my audio interface has a dac. is this better than the monoprice one? http://www.schiit.com/products/magni-3 its the same price now
  2. Will it work?

    just install windows on the ssd on the new amd rig. then back up the important stuff from the drive after that go to disk manager delete the 3 partions from the hdd then select the raw partition and format it as ntfs. finally, put all the stuff you backed up back
  3. lol how did people drive these



    1. InMiseryWeSeekPancakes


      He seems awfully calm, I'm somewhat concerned he just got in a fucking car crash and is on his side? Is that like... normal to him? Just in everyday thing? 

  4. My computer was hacked - how?

    do you have TeamViewer installed?
  5. 5b9228c3edb89_Capture.PNG.3ebdec7200e0fb57a7326255c255e2bf.PNG

    wtf Hamburg, I live in Cyprus not Germany

    1. DildorTheDecent


      That's my boi indeed

  6. Is my GPU dying?

    can you try to run it on a fresh install I had similar problems with my 1070. I used ddu to reinstall the drivers a thousand times and nothing fixed it except a reformat I got colors like you then a blue screen just grab an unused drive and install windows to test it if it work reformat if it doesn't rma it
    1. DildorTheDecent


      >Titan X Pascal (3584 cores) as the top prize.


      You'd have to be mad to not pick it.

  7. damm the raspberry pi b+ is slow

    I am installing open vpn so i can sent a magic packet to open my devices at home and the server when i am out (my router doesn't support multicast port forwarding or I can't get it to work)

    it has been generating the DH parameters for hours.

    I didn't even see the loading on my main serverCapture.thumb.PNG.8e304161eeda78ce9658ce3061f68e77.PNG

    1. DildorTheDecent
    2. Technomancer__



      yea I know

      well it depends on the server

      i googled it and with a raspberry pi 3b (which i have and should have used to set it up and then swap card) it took about 3 hours

    3. DildorTheDecent
  8. no thrills mouse reccomendation

    I have the utech venus smart its cheap, comfortable and has a lot of buttons that you can program to do stuff the software is very easy to use and very stable. you can program the buttons to do anything you want (single key press, combo or even macros) it also has weights so you can adjust the weight of the mouse