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  1. spen96

    AMD A10-6790K Hits shelves Q1 2014

    More like in the kneecap.
  2. I love script kiddies they are so annoying

  3. spen96

    Unofficial LTT DayZ Epoch Server

    Speaking of that why is the server offline?
  4. spen96

    Unofficial LTT DayZ Epoch Server

    This isn't a thread for fighting you do realize that right, I would suggest for your sake and everyone else's that you discuss your problems with the server owner in private.
  5. spen96

    Unofficial LTT DayZ Epoch Server

    Lots of fun man nice job!
  6. spen96

    My failure ghetto build

    I have heard of mutant but this... this is new.
  7. Didn't see that whole useful Q and A at the beginning of the forum sorry. Also could someone remove this.
  8. Was looking for recommendations on what type of piping/pump to get but if everyone wants to troll me that's fine to.
  9. spen96

    My Neighbors Children are WAY TOOO LOUD!

    Noise canceling headset.