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  1. Afterburner shows 50-65°C for CPU and 45-60 for GPU under load and 50°C CPU and 40°C GPU when idle.
  2. I live in Chile and Noctua fans are pretty rare and right now the stores that have them are out of stock. Guess I'll go cooler master for the 4-pin i5-6500 at stock speed, Zotac GTX 1660 Ti, MSI H110M Gaming, 16 GB DDR4 @3300 mhz. Temps are good, Speccy shows 30ºC while ildle and 60 under load for both CPU and GPU. Probably the fan is not necesary for temps but it usefull to force air intake through the dust filter.
  3. I want to replace my 120mm case fan because it's pretty loud. The fan came with the case (some cheap ass case I found) and the only connector it has is molex so its always on full power (i think). Anyway my only options are COOLER MASTER MASTERFAN SF120R RGB and CASE FAN THERMALTAKE RIING 120MM. I dont care about the RGB, all I want is a somewhat silent and reliable fan. My MOBO (MSI H110M Gaming) has 2 4-pin SYSFAN connectos so I guess power is not a problem. My major concern is that the Thermaltake one comes with a 3 Pin + LNC (Low-Noise Cable) and I have no idea what that cable is (google is not helping). Which would you recommend?
  4. As far as I can tell, there is no software. I better just get used to it.
  5. My keyboards (Cooler Master Devastator 2) default key to switch on and off the back light is the scroll lock key. The problem is that I use excel and that key changes what the arrow keys do. Is there a way to change the default key? Running Win 10 Pro.
  6. But that is only for the start up, it won't protect my files once the phone started. What im looking for is some program that encrypts files/folders and allows me to decrypt them when I need them.
  7. Hello there, I'm looking for a safe way to store files in my Samsung J7, I used AppLock until I realized that all it did was to hide the files and not encrypt them. I only know of EDS but have no idea if it is really good/reliable/safe (I would use the free version). I use VeraCrypt on PC and was looking for something like that on android (v8.1). Do you know any app that does that?
  8. My Samsung J7 is acting weird and I want to back up the things I have before I reset it to factory. My only problem is that there are some files that I cant find, and the program that I used to create such files crashes the moment I try to open it (I have been trobleshooting it for a long time, I gave up). I cant find the files with androids device manager, third party programs or good old plug to PC and search manually. Best thing I could think about was using WinDirStat as it works really well on PC drives to find files based on size. So my next problem started: WinDirStat wont show the phone on its list. I guess that it's because windows wont assign a drive letter (such as E:) to a cellphone as it would do to any other USB drive. The attached image shows what I mean. Is there a way to force WinDirStat to look for it? Or a way to assign a letter to the cellphone? Maybe another program build to do that?
  9. Thank you for the answers! I bought the crucial MX500. I dont have a M.2 slot, my MOBO is pretty basic.
  10. So I need a new SSD, the problem is which one to buy. Until now I have always preferred WD (Blue) over others, but I found a Seagate barracuda (both 500gb) that is ~10% cheaper. Should I go with Seagate? Crucial is the cheapest but speed/quality might not be the same. The contenders are: Western Digital Blue 3D NAND 500 GB at at U$91.30 Seagate Barracuda 500 GB (STGS500401) at U$84.00 Kingston UV500 480 GB (SUV500/480G) at U$80.00 Crucial MX500 500 GB (CT500MX500SSD1) at U$74.30 Any advise?
  11. The 256 gb NVMe WD SSD costs the same as the SATA mx500 500 gb SSD. The intel 660p 512 gb is 30% more expensive and kinda over my budget. So I will go for the mx500 as the extra storage will eventually be usefull and the speed difference isn't that big for my use. I will look into this, thanks.
  12. These are the dual configurations according to the manual: 256 GB PCIe NVMe TLC M.2 SSD + 1 TB (7200 rpm) 9.5 mm 128 GB SATA Value SSD + 1 TB (7200 rpm) 9.5 mm 128 GB SATA Value SSD + 2 TB (5400 rpm) 9.5 mm/7.2 mm 128 GB PCIe NVMe TLC M.2 SSD + 1 TB (7200 rpm) 9.5 mm 128 GB PCIe NVMe TLC M.2 SSD + 2 TB (5400 rpm) 9.5 mm/7.2 mm As you can see, the highest SATA drive I should use is 128 gb. And 128 is not near the minimum I need (that would be 256, and that is still a small drive) The supported models are not even available in my country so I need to import them and that is expensive. I might not work because HP decided that there is a list of drives that are compatible. I don't know if a fresh install is possible with an OEM OS given that it will be in another drive.
  13. So I want to upgrade my notebook by adding a m.2 NVMe ssd drive, the notebook is a Pavilion Power Laptop 15-cb0xx (no idea the last two digits, but I belive thats irrelevant). The thing is that there is a list of 3 "trusted" drives (256 GB PCIe - 847109-020; 128 GB PCIe - 912322-007 and 128 GB M.2 2280 SATA-3 - 827560-052) in the notebooks manual. I want to buy the Western Digital Black 250 GB (WDS250G2X0C) NVMe SSD and move OS and files to this drive (this is my secondary machine, so there is not a lot on it). My questions are: Is that WD SSD compatible with my notebook? Will I be able to boot from it? I asked in the HP forum but they wont tell me given that the drive is not in their trusted list.
  14. What do you mean with normal font? I haven't changed that, isnt the default font the normal one? System: Intel i5-6500 MOBO: MSI h110m gaming PSU: EVGA 430W 80Plus OS: Win 7 Pro x64
  15. Is coil whine permanent once it starts? Sometimes it starts when the frames drop but once they get stable it continuous