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Jon Jon

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About Jon Jon

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  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3.9ghz 1.350v
  • Motherboard
    ASUS STRIX X370-F Gaming
  • RAM
    16GB DDR4 3200 Corsair LPX (2x8gb)
  • GPU
    Power Color Red Dragon RX 580 8GB
  • Case
    Be Quiet Silent Base 800
  • Storage
    Samsung 960 EVO 500GB + 2x4TB Seagate Barracuda HDDs
  • PSU
    Corsair RM850X
  • Cooling
    Noctua NH-D15 SE AM4

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  1. Jon Jon

    GPU upgrade with i5-3570k

    I don't see that being a problem. To save money, I would look to upgrade to the RTX 2070 and just enjoy it. Just keep in mind that your CPU will bottleneck it at this point, but not enough to ruin your gaming experience or to not see any noticeable benefit. Before I upgraded to Ryzen, I was actually planning on getting a Vega 56 at launch to extend the life of my PC, but then when it became hard to find, I said screw it and upgraded everything else (I had an R9 380 2GB at the time). I was looking to potentially do 144hz with that, so the logic is sound. Take a look at the video below to get an idea of what performance you can expect, since a GTX 1070ti is within 10%~ performance of an RTX 2070.
  2. Jon Jon

    GPU upgrade with i5-3570k

    I used to own an i5 3570 non k and could OC to 4ghz max with little to no problem as my old ASRock board allowed it. What cooler do you have? If you are running stock, to save some money, a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO would be a good cheap upgrade to take you to a 4ghz+ OC with minimal effort to push as many frames as possible. What you are trying to do is very CPU bound, and that CPU at 3.4ghz won't cut it. Even with the OC, it will bottleneck compared to the newer CPUs out there. As for a GPU, You are thinking in the right realm of where to stop. I would recommend a gtx 1060 6gb or an rx 580 8gb. Gtx 1070s are extremely affordable right now too. Anything higher would be bottlenecked by your CPU even overclocked IMO for 144hz.
  3. Jon Jon

    GTX 1070 vs RTX 2060

    You cant go wrong, especially since Newegg has a Gigabyte gtx 1070 on sale for $299 USD right now new.
  4. If that's the case, than a gtx 1060 6gb will be great for you. The CPU will be a bottleneck, but if you are targeting 1080p60, then I think you'll be fine.
  5. Jon Jon


    I love my rx 580 red dragon.
  6. Jon Jon

    GTX 1060 vs RX 580

    I am a fan of Sapphire cards.
  7. Jon Jon

    GTX 1060 vs RX 580

    Yeah and I've owned it for about a year and a half now. I use it for Oculus VR and 2560x1080 gaming with no issues. My only gripe is that it is not a quiet card.
  8. Jon Jon

    GTX 1060 vs RX 580

    I can't speak higher for my RX 580 8gb. Both cards are good, but the RX 580 has aged better overall.
  9. Jon Jon

    The Speed of Obseletion

    Maybe even a little later. Multi-core CPUs really weren't a thing until The Athlon64 X2s and Opterons got it. I would say this must have been dated around 2009-2010. This is when quad-core CPUs did start becoming more main stream (I remember I built my 2010 Phenom II X4 965 based rig back in 2010 and that was considered an awesome build) and Opterons started getting eight core variants. That book is severely out of date for sure, mostly because A LOT has changed. Really, I imagine any modern Comptia book is heavy Windows 10 / Windows Server 2012+ / Office 365 focused.
  10. Jon Jon

    The Speed of Obseletion

    I love that we are talking about the mid 2000s here, since I feel like since multi-core CPUs hit the mainstream consumer market, the speed of obsolescence has slowed down drastically. Honestly, I think of some CPUs from the 2009-2012 and how they are honestly still viable even today outside of extreme compute tasks. We are talking about the AMD Phenoms, Core 2 Quads, Nehalem / Sandy Bridge Core i series, and AMD bulldozer/piledriver CPUs. For basic computing, these are still capable and work fine on clean machines with SSD storage. They are even honestly fine for some basic gaming if you are just targeting 1080p60 with lower settings in many cases. You would have never seen this in the 90s or 00s. I remember when I first got into this and every CPU and GPU generation we were getting 50%+ performance bumps almost guaranteed, and in some cases much larger so, at the same price points of the previous generations. Now, it's almost not even that exciting, especially in the GPU space. The hobby has gotten so cheap because of it. You don't need to upgrade every year to keep up with latest and greatest like back in the day.
  11. Jon Jon

    Amd equivalent to rtx 2060 and 2070?

    The new NVENC is pretty great and provides pretty great quality for those who want to stream and record on the same system. That's a real perk now and Linus has even mentioned that it subjectively looks better than the very fast h.264 preset for CPU. As someone who does streaming/recording at the same time, that can bog down even my OC Ryzen 7 writing to my 960 EVO M.2 NVME drive depending on the quality settings I choose. ReLive does a decent job, but if I care about quality, I am more likely to fire up OBS and use my CPU exclusively. Shadow Play with an RTX, on the other hand, can provide that seemless experience. It also seems that NVIDIA worked with OBS to optimize for NVENC as well as to limit their foot print, in the event that you want more control over what you are doing on the same machine: https://www.shacknews.com/article/109232/geforce-optimized-obs-with-nvenc-enables-better-single-pc-streaming https://venturebeat.com/2018/10/15/nvenc-vs-x264-does-cpu-or-rtx-gpu-encoding-work-best-for-twitch/
  12. Jon Jon

    Gpu slot

    It's PCI-E. PCI never had a safety locking mechanism. That's exclusive to PCI-E 16x.
  13. Jon Jon

    Should i buy? RTX 2060 / 2070 or GTX 1080 TI

    Ryzen 5 and 7 will do wonders for streaming/recording/editing. I can vouch for this with my Ryzen 7 as I can even stream/record VR without a hiccup. However, even an OC Ryzen 7 can get bogged down if you plan to stream and record all on CPU exclusively while playing games depending on your settings. I recommend getting an RTX 2060 strictly because it really is the best budget king and the new NVENC produces awesome results when compared to the h.264 very fast preset in OBS. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/geforce-rtx-streaming/ Linus has also pointed this out in his RTX video. Look at the 7 minute mark.
  14. Jon Jon

    GPU recommendation for build

    Are you looking to target that 144hz refresh rate?
  15. Jon Jon

    Amd equivalent to rtx 2060 and 2070?

    Haven't we seen what DLSS is doing in some synthetics and FFXV? It's coming in some form. I would like some free performance in FFXV on my RX 580 like that if it could get it. From what I've seen in the research I've done the GTX 2060 and Vega 56 seem to trade blows, but you do get the new generation feature set that isn't present on AMD. It really comes down to availability and what you want. Personally, I prefer AMD's software of NVIDIA's as I really like Adrenaline. You're located in the EU, right? I've seen your other posts defending AMD. You should consider starting a petition on this, since it's a realistic assessment to do. In some ways what NVIDIA is doing with developers today is similar to what Intel was doing to AMD back in the early to mid 2000s. EU has some of the best consumer protections, so it would be a productive thing to do if it caught traction.