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    Titanium powder for 3d printing


  • CPU
    I9 7900x 5Ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asus ROG X299 Apex
  • RAM
    4x4GB Corsair LPX Vengeance 3000MHz
  • GPU
    1080ti Hall of fame 8pack limited edition
  • Case
    Caselabs mercury S8
  • Storage
    Samsung 960 pro 512GB
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    EVGA SuperNova 1600w t2
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    Acer predator X34
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    Aquacomputer cuplex kryos next with vision (nickel)
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    Corsair K70 Rapidfire
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    Corsair G903 wireless powerplay
  • Sound
    Asus strix deluxe
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    Windows 10 Home 64 bits

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  1. Hello there, Just unboxed my gsx 1200 pro from sennheiser and i noticed it makes a clicking noise when handled. I dont think its meant to have a moving part inside of it so my guess is a capacitor broke free or something?
  2. Hello there, In my new build, I have a Barrow waterway which has RGB integrated. The cable is a 3 pin 5V RGB so I can't connect it to my motherboard 12V RGB port nor my 5V adressable RGB port because its a 4 pin too (2pin-empty-ground). However I have the Barrow RGB controller which allows me to connect that cable to it, but I don't quite understand when they're explaining the connection to the motherboard. Is it still requesting to connect to a 5V RGB port on the motherboard or can I connect it to a 4 pin 12V RGB port on my mobo? My motherboard is an Asus prime deluxe II x299. Here is the barrow controller product page: http://www.barrowint.com/plus/view.php?aid=1173
  3. Hello there, Just making sure, with the splitty 9 you connect the 4 pins white connector marked as ''input'' to one of your motherboard 4 pins fan port. Then you connect 1 of the fans youre using to the port marked as ''RPM'' to so that the mobo has a RPM feedback then all of the fans run at the same %?
  4. Hello there, Im currently building a new PC and in the process cleaning my old parts. However, the system started developping residues and algue which dirtied up some fittings. Problem is, i cant find a way to clean them. Tried distilled water, vinegar/distilled water, normal water under pressure.
  5. Yeah i know, i looked for hours on google trying to find an image with an angle on these connections.
  6. Hello there, Im currently building a new PC so at the same time, cleaning my old parts. One of these is a galax 1080ti hof that was running with a waterblock. I decided to remove tbe waterblock to clean it and put back on the original shroud but im having a problem. I have 2 sets of wires to connect and 3 possible slots and no manual. 1 set comes from the LCD panel on top of the card and the other one connects to the LED board inside the shroud. My initial guess was putting the LED wires into the fan LED slot but then the lcd ones go into the unmarked white slot?
  7. SP120s rgb have like 1.45 of static though
  8. I have four 120mm radiators so 4. Ive seen the LL120, which are available in white which fits my build, but static pressure is way lower compared to the 3.0 of the ML120.
  9. Hello there, I was wondering if I can get feedbacks from you guys concerning 120mm RGB fans for radiator use. We're talking rather thick radiators at about 45-50mm so static pressure needs to be rather high. Aigo halo fans look good, but can't seem to find a lot of details on these. Corsair ML120 PRO seems to be the best choice?
  10. It goes with the build, purely aesthetic purpose. I know a 480 rad would perform better.
  11. Anyone here has any feedback or available reviews concerning the white 120mm radiators from either hardwarelabs or xspc? These are the 3 options I'm looking at right now. Black Ice Nemesis 120GTX® Dual-Core Xtreme Profile Radiator - White Hardware Labs Black Ice® Nemesis® GTR Satin White Radiator - 120mm XSPC RX120 Single-Fan Radiator V3 - White Looking to put 4 of these side by side to cool 7900x and 2080ti.
  12. Hello there, I was wondering if anyone here knows someone or somewhere that can make custom PSU covers. I am looking to make a simple white cover to avoid having to paint my black PSU on the Thermaltake core P5 snow edition (all white). The 2 black brackets at the bottom left of the case is what normally holds the psu.
  13. Hello there, currently planning a new build but i'm facing dilemmas regarding the radiators availability in my 2 final choices of case. Right now, I hesitate between the Thermaltake level 20 XT and the Deepcool Quadstellar as a case. The Quadstellar looks amazing to me, but it officially supports only a 360mm + 240 mm rad and the waterway offered for the case removes the 240mm option. However, the case has plenty of mod potential to add a radiator. The Level 20 XT on the other hand has more than enough radiator space, but the cons people are reporting is that the airflow sucks because of the glass panels all around the case. I'm currently running 360+240 for my 7900x and 360 for my 1080ti. Aiming to keep my 7900x and add another 1080ti or switch to 2080ti which makes me believe the quadstellar might not be sufficient.
  14. Hello there, I am having issues determining some of the connections on the Barrow TT level 20 XT waterway plate. On the top face of the waterway, theres a G1/4 port in the bottom left of the main reservoir which is the ''end'' of the loop (cpu out). The beginning of the loop is the non-threaded hole in the top for the tube of the pump output coming from under of the waterway. I'm trying to figure out why there's two threaded holes on the back of waterway? I would have guessed they would only have had 1 to loop back into the pump input? Unless its only there to put a draining port? Face view Back view Typical layout proposed