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  1. I've been looking at getting a monitor for productivity purposes (no gaming). I'd like a nice big ultrawide but I don't want to spend too much on a super high end model. Is a 34 inch at 2560x1080 going to make my eyes bleed? At the moment I do have a couple of regular 27 inch monitors for a separate setup that are 1080p which I'm not bothered by. If not a 34 inch, what about a 29 inch?
  2. Hello, Weird problem. Firstly I must explain some things: I have a triple monitor setup. The middle one is a 1440p 144hz gaming monitor and the other two are your average 60hz 1080p ones. Due to OCD, I leave the main monitor on 1080p to match the other two but I do set my games to 1440p. I recently did a clean install of all my NVIDIA graphics drivers (to fix another problem with shadow play) and here comes the problem. What was working before, now isn't. Basically, before when I would open my games, my monitor screen would black out for a second while it switches to 1440p and then I'm all good to go however now it just goes black permanently. One thing that worked for PUBG was to go into the config files and change the resolution to 1080p from there, and then proceed to switch to 1440p in-game which seems to have worked. It didn't work for Fortnite though. While the screen is black, stuff like pressing CTRL+ALT+Delete, pressing ALT+Enter to change to windowed mode or pressing ALT+Tab returns to the desktop perfectly normal as if nothing was wrong. I also tried just setting the Windows resolution to 1440p which solved the problem, but locked the refresh rate to 59hz. I tried setting it back to 144hz but it would automatically just reset to 59hz. I'm completely out of ideas. Any help is appreciated. R5 1600 @ 3.9ghz on x370 chipset GTX 1080 @ 3000mhz 16gb RAM 750w 80+ Gold PSU Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi, I currently have an MSI GE62 Apache Pro which I bought in August 2015. It has 8gb of ram, gtx 960m and an i7 4720hq. I'm planning on selling this for 2 reasons. 1) I barely ever use it as I have a desktop 2) I could use a different laptop more aimed towards portability and better battery life for use in school I'm aware that the specs aren't top notch, however it is still a great laptop in general and I've looked after it well. I want to get an idea of how much I could sell it for. Also, I'm from Australia so let me know what currency your suggestion is so I can convert it.
  4. I haven't tried putting 144 in the launch options but I can definitely tell it is running at 144hz. I'll try it anyway.
  5. Like I said, the drivers are up to date and it's not the monitor because it's fine when doing everything else. Including other games.
  6. Having a strange issue (at least that's what I think). When I'm playing CSGO, my screen sometimes turns off. The LED power button is still lit, but the display goes full black. It's not just showing a black screen, it just turns off fully with no backlight (as if it was off). Sometimes it happens for a second, sometimes it just stays black unless I pull out the power cord and plug it back in. The power button doesn't work when it's blacked out either. This only happens when playing CSGO. Not during internet browsing or anything else like that. Not even in other games. I tested BF1, overwatch, Forza horizon 3 and watch dogs 2 and none have the issue. Some facts about my setup: The monitor having problems is a BenQ xl2730z (i have freesync and 144hz on) (connected with display port) It has two other monitors on either side which are BenQ rl2755hm i5 4460 r9 390x drivers all updated 16gb ram 150-400 fps when playing counter strike Sometimes it happens more often than others.
  7. If that's the only solution I may as well keep the LEDs off until I have the money. It's an expensive keyboard which is disapointing but oh well. Thanks for replying.
  8. I've tried all my ports and all come with the same problem. I think it's safe to say it's got nothing to do with the USB ports because other devices (headset, mouse ect.) work fine using the same ports. Thank's for replying anyway.
  9. Hello everyone, After owning this awesome keyboard for around two years, today it's randomly having this issue where it would disconnect and reconnect. The windows notification sounds play so I know when it's happening. I have found no way to trigger it intentionally and it happens randomly. When I'm gaming and it happens, it seems to hold down the last key I pressed (eg. character keeps running forward). Also when it happens, it does the generic lighting effect (all red except for white WASD and arrow keys) but with some additional random keys lit purple. I've tried unplugging it and reinstalling software as well as rebooting computer but nothing is working. The only temporary fix that works is turning off all the lighting effects. However when I do that, the '/' key stays lit in a dark red colour. If anyone knows what's wrong please tell me.
  10. Hello, I have a triple display setup but however when my computer is booting up only two of the three will have a signal. The third won't until it get's to the lock screen. I know it's not a big deal but it bothers me. Does anyone know what it is? ;
  11. I do not wish to download it off the internet as my I don't have an unlimited data plan. 40gb is alot and on top of that the disc would be faster.
  12. Thanks, I've gone into offline mode but still no idea what to do after that.
  13. I do have internet but not enough to download a 50gb game.
  14. I take that back. There is a code that redeems the game, however it only has a download button and no option to install off the disk. I would just download it, but I don't have unlimited data.