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  1. Yeah just examined the two ram pieces and they are much different. Probably could have just done that instead of wasting your time. But thanks ig
  2. I have this CPU http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/K10/AMD-Phenom%20II%20X3%20B75%20-%20HDXB75WFK3DGI.html According to this site, it can support both ddr2 and ddr3. Presumably because it can be installed in am3 and am2+. Due to this support, can both types of ram be installed? Or do the different standards have different pin layouts that don't allow it?
  3. Didn't see that it has pcie 4, wifi 6, and other features. It's great if you intend on using them. But the features are pretty expansive if you don't plan on using them.
  4. Something about an ITX costing 230 isn't making sense
  5. I wouldn't get the "x" version for ryzen processors. I have a 3600x, but I got it on black friday as it was the same price as the non x, but the only benefit was it gave a free game with it on amazon, so technically it was "cheaper" if you count the free game. The "x" doesn't give a lot of boost. Second off, it may be a better idea to get the ryzen 3 3300x. That one actually has a use of the x, as it is significantly newer. Like 10 months newer. The only difference between the two is the 3600x is 2 more cores. So go with the 3600x if you want the extra cores, but the 3300x is $100 cheaper.-- so it's a better value technically. Buy windows 10 off ebay. Can find a key for $4 (don't tell microsoft) with those changes you might be able to get a better graphics card. If that's what you want. Could get a newer version like a 1660 super or something.
  6. You changing the boot settings in the bios? On my motherboard, before it starts fully it sends you to that basic screen with the motherboard manufacturer, there it gives me some key commands and one of them is selecting the boot drive. Not sure if any of that helps though
  7. It doesn't matter tbh. I will check when my new drive comes in the mail. It's a 2tb and I only want 1tb with sensitive content to be fully encrypted. The rest of the drive wont need it. I do have a 1tb already I suppose that I could use with bitlocker enabled, just some migration needs to be done.
  8. What exactly are you trying to do with it? It matters.
  9. Linux > Windows > IOS My opinion is to just not get one. But I guess if you really want one, listen to the people above.
  10. Though those temps seem high to us, they are pretty typical for CPUs to run at. Don't worry about it unless you messed up some thermal paste or something. If things are getting too hot the PC will either shut down immediately or the fans will start going insane -- giving you a warning that somethings probably wrong.
  11. I strongly recommend not connecting it if it is broken. Mine was in the middle-ish, and it was the reason why my computer would power off without warning.
  12. I remember having the same problem when I migrated my OS to a SSD. There are a lot of "free" options on the internet that claim to migrate your OS. And I did find one that ONLY migrated the OS. It took a lot of work to find. Usually, when ones said they would migrate it, they would either have you pay, or attempt to migrate the entire drive. It was a pain, but it was doable. This link claims to do it for free https://www.diskgenius.com/how-to/migrate-windows-10-to-SSD.php However, I am not here to test for you. Only mentioning that migrating the OS is possible.
  13. Can you turn on bitlocker in a single drive that's been partitioned into multiple drives? Edit: part of the question was, is the encryption of bitlocker weaker if it's on a partitioned drive?
  14. I currently have it configured how the manual suggests, however I was looking at the manual again and it's odd. Normally you have the dual channels in like 1&3 or 2&4. But it states that the dual channels are next to each other, which is fine, but the manual says that they should not be in dual channel. Which is weird. Can someone explain this manual and what I'm not understanding?
  15. 6 foot. Anything will probably work OK. And yeah, office chair, doesn't matter. Just need a good chair with a good warranty.