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  1. JoeAguiar


    Whats the diference between the masterpulse pro 7.1 and the masterpulse mh750
  2. JoeAguiar

    Wich headsets should i get?

    Hi guys, im going to buy a new headsets, wich one of these should i get? they look equal to me http://www.coolermaster.com/peripheral/audio/masterpulse-pro/ http://www.coolermaster.com/peripheral/audio/masterpulse-mh750/
  3. JoeAguiar

    New GPU

    as i can see the best choice i have is to get this gtx 1060 https://www.worten.pt/componentes-de-pc-e-redes/componentes-pc/placas-graficas/placa-grafica-msi-geforce-gtx-1060-6gb-ddr5-gaming-x-5910735
  4. JoeAguiar

    New GPU

    i have 250 euros to use in that shop. I bought an xbox one s there but then i realized it is terrible and i returned it. They gave the the cuppon to use in their shop
  5. JoeAguiar

    New GPU

    i was thinking about the armor edition cuz its only 279 euros. What about the dual? I have a 250 euro cuppon to use on this shop otherwise i could get a lot better deals
  6. JoeAguiar

    New GPU

    Hi im currently running an: CPU i7 4790 Mobo Msi b85m p33 v3 RAM 16 GB DDR3 HyperX GPU Asus 750 Ti PSU 600W Im thinking about upgrading my GPU wich one of these 1060 3GB or RX 580 8GB. Im confused about the performance and the cooling solution of the rx580 wich is an armor edition. I mostly play CS GO, Rainbow Six Siege, League of Legends and sometimes AAA tittles. I um upgrading to a 1080p 144hz freesynq monitor, but as we now know the green team is going to support freesynq aswell.
  7. JoeAguiar


    ah ok. Just asking because in the picture the dvi-d has 24 pins +1 and the dvi-i looked like it has 24 pins+3. Thx dude
  8. JoeAguiar


    Isn't any diference betwen dvi, dvi-d and dvi-i?
  9. JoeAguiar


    Isn't any diference betwen dvi, dvi-d and dvi-i?
  10. JoeAguiar


    Hi im buying a new gpu but my monitor only has vga connection(it is 1920x1080 but its a bit old) and for now i cant upgrade it. Thats the GPU. Can you guys tell me wich one of this adapters works with it? https://www.pcdiga.com/adaptador-gembird-dvi-24pin-p-vga-15pin-a-dvi-vga https://www.pcdiga.com/adaptador-va-dvi-i-vga-1ifevadviivga
  11. JoeAguiar

    Im buying a new case and i need help

    That means that when i buy a mobo with rgb sync it will sync the controller of the case with the one on the motherboard?, Soz but im rly noob in terms of rgb n shit
  12. Hi guys, im going to upgrade my current build. For now im going to buy a case wich is a Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 5 RGB. My current mobo does't support RGB but i will upgrade it later, and there is my question; the shop where im going to buy the case sell's it with and without the coolermaster rgb controller. If i buy the case with the rgb controller when i buy the new mobo will i be able to sync my case fans with the mobo, gpu, ram, ect? Will i need to connect the fans to the mobo or the controller to the mobo?
  13. JoeAguiar

    Dual boot

    I bought a laptop yesterday. By installing linux in dual boot with the factory installed windows will i lose the warranty?
  14. JoeAguiar

    Unix vs Mac Os(Darwin)

    ty m8 i appreciate your dedication