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  1. If it can be of some kind of help. On the following page you can inform the Belgian authorities about these people. They will guide you on possible further actions you can take. https://meldpunt.belgie.be/meldpunt/en/welcome As an Belgian I'm truly sorry that they did that. I hope you don't hate the rest of Belgium. (I just stumbled on this conversation because Linus replied on it.)
  2. You start by visiting all the old places where you shot LTT, mixed with some anecdotes and reactions from you guys. And maybe let some family members talk on how it was like to see you getting famous and how hard you guys worked back in the day.
  3. @LinusTech @nicklmg @CPotter The link for synergy isn't working.
  4. I think that the short distance is very handy to use it for a home theater in my living room. Otherwise with a conventional projector if someone passes the projection he/she will always block the light of the projector. So i think it is pretty nifty!