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  1. Hey guys! My friend is building a new rig for $1200 CAD, and he asked me what he thinks of it, for starters, I think the processor is too expensive, and he could go for something much cheaper, and get the same if not better performance. However both him and his dad are end all be all for Intel. So do you mind checking this build over minus the processor, and to see if everything is good to go!
  2. I actually praised, beatsbydre, and have owned 2 pairs before... all mistakes.
  3. Razer Comms was good with the time I've used it, currently I'm experimenting with Dolby Axon, and so far it's pretty good, assuming you can get past it's weird-looking UI.
  4. Personally I like the Wii U Pro Controller, however, if you go to tournaments for Sm4sh, I don't recommend it. Input lag issues, and it's not easy moving from WIi U to Wii U, having to constantly disconnect and reconnect it.
  5. http://heartbeat.skype.com/?intcmp=blogs-_-generic-click-_-the-ultimate-guide-to-solving-skype-sign-in-issues From what it looks like, it's down.
  6. Great job man, appreciate your help!
  7. Planning to Build a new Rig, however I haven't been keeping up with the most recent release of GPU's and such. Can someone give, me a rundown build of what would be the best parts for a $750 (CAD) budget desktop. A few little details: My Currency is the Canadian Dollar Going for a Mini iTX build Trying to go for Blue/Black theme And that's pretty much it, if I forgot something let me know, but otherwise I'm pretty sure that's all. Thank you to all, I appreciate your help!
  8. Lol does it matter, they'll both sound the same anyways.
  9. Neither, go to your local dollar store, and pick up their cheapest earbuds, you'll thank me later, trust me.
  10. I did Parkour back then, but then I fell and got really hurt, thus ending the short live amateur career, RIP.
  11. I know this thread is a bit late, but I want to know what your thoughts on the M70x's are?
  12. If your willing to shell out the extra 50 you can buy the Crossfade M-100 which would fit all your EDM needs.
  13. Audio Technica ATH-M40, possibly the best headphones within your price range.
  14. Dollarama, or as I should call it DollaramaPlus written in really really tiny text on the top right, apparently Canadians are confused to as what a "Dollar Store" is actually suppose to be.