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  1. I didn't OC it, i bought the pc like it, its from PCspecialist , i bought it from the prev owner......so yeah. temps are still high on it.. seems to hit 91c still on prime95.
  2. I lowered the voltage cause it was hitting 95ish under small loads, it has dropped a little but not much. It's only on a 120 coolermaster AIO, i have a 360AIO coming in an hour, so going to test that out
  3. The temperatures im getting on the cpu at idle and on half-ish load.... im getting about 50-60c idle temps and 95ish load temps.
  4. So i bought this PC secondhand from someone, and it had a 4.9Ghz ovcerclock on it. I had checked the temps and were seeing around 90-94c. I saw the voltage was at 1.30v, so i lowered it to 1.25v. just tried running prime95, and half the cores had stopped working. What do i need to do to get this a stable overclock?
  5. So, after about 5 months of using a laptop, i could finally afford to get a new setup! The tower i bought second hand as it was cheaper to do so as well as the monitors!. Specs of the setup are: i7-9700K 3.6GHz 32GB ddr4 3200MHz Corsair ram. GeFroce RTX 2070 Zotac AMP Extreme ASUS TUF Z370-PLUS GAMING II Motherboard 240GB Boot up drive + 2TB HDD 3x AOC FreeSync G2778V Gaming monitors So far this has been the best PC i have ever owned... and well excited to see what it can push out in frame rates!
  6. Yeah, i didnt realise they were cardboard filled haha. Have that worktop coming wednesday, then hopefully if im not too tired after work i can put these ikea legs on, and finally have the setup done.
  7. https://www.scan.co.uk/products/arctic-z3-pro-gen-3-triple-monitor-arm-with-4-ports-usb-30-hub-vesa-monitors-up-to-32-and-15-kg This is what is replacing my old £30 one which i bought not even 2 weeks ago haha.
  8. Yeah, it's just time, i dont have a lot of it due to work, haha.
  9. Yeah, pine is abit expensive, i have found this though. https://www.diy.com/departments/38mm-oak-woodmix-wood-effect-laminate-round-edge-kitchen-worktop-l-3000mm/81442_BQ.prd
  10. Won't be drilling, it's just clamped on. like this one is, but this table is to weak haha. but i'm not paying £40 for shipping, so ill have to look somewhere els i suppose.
  11. So, i have these ikea desks, with the cardboard filling, and have just had to take 2 of my monitors off my triple monitor stand, due to it starting to break! I am now looking for a worktop or something, i have come across this. https://ikea.com/gb/en/p/ekbacken-worktop-light-oak-effect-laminate-70275227/ Would this hold 3 27" monitors on a triple monitor stand? i have a new stand coming also as the one i bought is garbage!
  12. Mine will be here saturday. Along with a new 24" IPS monitor.
  13. Woah. they're abit pricey haha. £15 each.
  14. Which Noctua fans do you suggest? there are loads to choose from
  15. I have the H100i GTX cooling my I5-4690K, and it's currently at around 30-35c At idle. Surely it would be at about 25ish? under 30? (Not sure what is causing this) and also my GPU went too 71c while just having Worldofwarcraft up. I don't think ive ever seen it go above 60ish. Anyway. I'm looking at replacing the fans on this cooler, as they are completely loud as heck. And so is the pump for some reason in default/performance mode, or is that normal? What would you guys suggest i replace the fans with? I have been looking at the SP 120s. But not sure. Suggestions? Also, how much would it cost for a full custom loop? Say, i had a £100ish budget. (if you can get them that cheap? would be just for the CPU and GTX 970