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  1. satchmomo

    Intel NUC Giveaway

    Just got a new TV for the holidays this would be an awesome addition for it!
  2. satchmomo

    Antec Silent Gaming PC Bundle Giveaway

    My favorite item in this giveaway is the Kuhler 1250. I am still running a basic air cooler and would love to get into water cooling but I am afraid to jump right into custom loops.
  3. I really like How the AMP! Omega has the metal cover. Premium materials with a premium card just makes sense. Go all the way or why go at all?
  4. I have been following Linus Tech Tips since the old NCIX channel days. I have seen Linus go through multiple hair colors and styles and styles of videos. I have loved every moment of it. I recommend you guys and all three of your channels to anyone and everyone I know who is looking for info on all things tech (Tech Quickie has been a great place to send people less tech inclined to help them understand something that I can't explain well enough myself). Linus and Luke are 2 of my favorite people on Youtube and I am growing to love the rest of the team as well!. You guys have helped me through depression, anxiety, and a list of other personal problems by just always being positive and upbeat in your videos. I am 23 and hope to one day work full time with computers and technology in general and Linus Media Group has helped keep the passion alive in me even when I have felt I wasn't good enough so why even try. I have been hesitant but I am hoping with this post I will become much more active in the forum as well. All I hear is great things about it from Linus, Luke, Baranacles, ColdSC, and more. I am blessed to be part of this huge amazing family even if I'm just the guy who stands nervously off to the side during the family picnics. Since I typed so much I might as well give all the info you asked for. My favorite series will always be the build guides. I love seeing the amazing machines you all put together and yet you explain it in a way were a tech head like me doesn't feel like I am being talked down to but at the same time you make it simple enough that I feel comfortable sharing the videos with my less tech savvy friends. I would love to see you review more mid range devices. Don't get me wrong I love drooling over the highest of the high end stuff you show us but something more in my price range would be nice! And to finish this all off my favorite foods are Chicago style thing crust sausage pizza and any type of poutine I can get my hands on which in the states isn't a lot but it is starting to show up more and more in my area so YAY! Thank you again Linus Media Group for helping me and for inspiring me! Keep up the good work and Live Long and Prosper! -Satchmomo
  5. satchmomo

    ASUS RoG G550JK Gaming Notebook & GIVEAWAY

    The aluminum wrist rest. I love high quality materials in a laptop, gaming or otherwise!