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  1. Isn't there something about OLED's being an issue for computer monitors? Something to do with burn-in?
  2. El_indian

    Disk Usage always 100 percent

    Maybe try updating all the drivers on the machine. If all else fails you can always try a re-install of Windows. Is it affecting the performance at all?
  3. El_indian

    Install windows

    I would recommend backing up everything you need from the laptop and installing a fresh copy of Windows on the new SSD. Then install all your programs again, etc. + copy your files over. Make a list of all the programs you need. You can also backup all your Chrome data, bookmarks, etc.
  4. El_indian

    Headphones for Music

    fair enough, apologies.
  5. El_indian

    Need bassy headphones!

  6. El_indian

    Best headphones for gaming?

  7. El_indian

    Headphones for Music

    Here is the best list with links to reviews: https://www.reddit.com/r/Zeos/comments/3ttvhy/guide_headphones_general_music/ - included prices. The best audio reviewer of all time IMO.
  8. El_indian

    Which cheap microphone for casual gaming?

  9. Lol I thought nobody live in New Zealand. population of ~4mill, buddy.
  10. El_indian

    Asus ROG Swift PG279Q WQHD 144Hz IPS Panel and G-sync

    I've also really been looking forward to this monitor, but is an IPS panel really going to make a big difference over the original. I own the PG278Q, and i'm doubtful if i will really notice the better color reproduction of the IPS with my use case (I sit directly in front of my monitor). Reviews of the original suggest it is one of the best TNs in terms of color... I guess i'm going to have to get one before selling my other and compare them side by side...
  11. El_indian

    Asus ROG Swift PG279Q WQHD 144Hz IPS Panel and G-sync

    Are you really him?
  12. El_indian

    Keefarce and a reminder about Digital Security

    good thing i write all my passwords in text documents. and kept in folder named "DO NOT OPEN".