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    Core i7 6700k
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    Asus Z170-A
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    16 GB
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    GTX 1070 FTW
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    Phanteks P400S
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    512 M8PEG NVME
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    Seasonic 660
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    HP 20x
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    Corsair 110i
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    Logitec basic
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    Logitec basic
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    Logitec 2.1
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  1. Recommended PSU Wattage (375watts)

    no, not likely, though it's never a good idea to run a PSU at or near full output for an extended period of time. Even OC'd the CPU & GPU will not flirt anywhere near maximum output of a 450W.
  2. Recommended PSU Wattage (375watts)

    holy... well slap my momma!
  3. Recommended PSU Wattage (375watts)

    agreed, but mostly because you CAN'T go any lower than that and get a quality PSU at the same time.
  4. Ryzen 5 1600 OC help

    i'm personally confused by this. it's never been well explained as to the process. I understand what PStates are but how to overclock them is a bit of a mystery as i've not seen anything in my BIOS for it.
  5. Mercenaries 2 World in Flames.. runs like anus cupcakes.

    status update /thread
  6. Ryzen 5 1600 OC help

    Isn't XFR on the 1600 higher than the Ryzen 7 line?
  7. Asetek cooler on 1080ti FE

    So i bought the bracket and thought i should give it a go with the EVGA 1070FTW in my system. CLC was a Corsair H115i. Got an extra 134 MHz on the GPU Boost 3.0 clock over factory OC and temps were super under control, under 40C. total clock speed for a Heaven benchmark were a rock steady 2138MHz. I think i'm gonna like this on the 1080ti. super appreciate the suggestion!
  8. 1070 gtx founder edition vs to any other gtx 1070

    just did a Heaven benchmark with my 1070 on a CLC liquid cobble job using NZXT's G12 and my H115i 1080p ultra, DX11, Score of 3230 with 128.2FPS average. Clock was 2138 MHz and never broke 40*C. started to get starbursty at 2150, so i backed off a step and it was smooth sailing. no clock speed dips. pure silk. previous best with the stock heatsink on a FTW, Score of 2650, and she got mighty sketchy after +97MHz on the OC.
  9. Problem with Ryzen 1700x Overclock

    BCLK is the base clock of the system, usually set to 100MHz, but some people like to get exotic with their bus speeds. unfortunately a side effect of that is decreased PCIe bus stability.
  10. PSU Advice

    basic run of the mill PSU. Check the PSU Tier list on this forum and choose something in the top three tiers that fits your budget. You don't need much power to run it.
  11. Performance Expectation with 6600k 4.6ghz and 1080 FTW

    i donno, Ultra settings in FO4 give me about 50fps at 4k... heavy dips though and few and far between (depends on elements in play). not unplayable, but certainly doable. I would still recommend a 1080 for 4k play though just to keep minimum framerates higher. FWIW Doom 2016 on nightmare settings is a breeze. i've never had problems with it. RotTR, that gets a little sluggish...
  12. APC UPS

    That model does not appear to have any communication to an external device, so i'd say no. if the PC doesn't know it's on battery power, there's no way to create a profile to shut down after x minutes of ON_BATT command.
  13. I need help psu sparking!!

    agreed, do not attempt to power the computer or any other component with that PSU ever again. Do not connect it to the mains power. unplug it and recycle it immediately. It's possible that it damaged something in the system, but you wont know until you replace the PSU and try to power up the system.
  14. 1070 gtx founder edition vs to any other gtx 1070

    wow, i did not think i was dealing with an absolutist. I feel a little dumber this morning. I guess if someone gave me two cards, and one was 1hz slower than the other, the plebe in me wouldn't actually notice the difference or care about it on paper.