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    I have many hobbies, stacking bodies is my favorite.


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    Ryzen 7 1700X
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    Asus X370-Pro
  • RAM
    2x8GB Corsair 3466 RGB
  • GPU
    GTX1080ti FE on H115i AIO via NZXT G12 bracket
  • Case
    Phanteks P400S
  • Storage
    512GB Crucial MX300
  • PSU
    Seasonic 660
  • Display(s)
    something massive @ 4k
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    BQ! PureRock
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    Masterkeys L
  • Mouse
    Logitec G602
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    Logitec 2.1
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    Wisconsin, U.S.A
  1. [Guide] Mining Ethereum

    AMD: HD & RX series Nvidia: pretty much anything larger than 2GB
  2. i donno who told you that, but i had to buy all my cards, and i pay the electricity bill on top of it. believe me it is not free money. far from it.
  3. my suggestion is to dedicate a low power B250 board to it and run it off a USB drive. I'm running a ridiculously spec'd MB with three 1070's (my old gaming rig without the 6700k) and it's killing me. ...Like watching a race car ferrying sightseers around town. personally if you don't need the extra 1080, or end up with that 1080ti, pull the 1080's out of the rig and put them in a B250-BTC board with risers, some cheap ram, and a 2-core celeron. stuff it in a cold dark room and never look at it again. believe me, once you start, you will want more. if you use NH, use their wallet and get a Coinbase account and verify yourself so you can withdraw to fiat. for low power rigs, that's the smart play.
  4. email notifications

    more insanity. can you check my login history? I haven't been on the site for at LEAST an hour.
  5. you should try it with a soldered chip...
  6. 100 pts less than a R7 1700 @ 3.9GHz. *golf clap* but that single core performance. YAOWZA! that's a hotrod! damned edit.
  7. it's all got to do with price to performance. most people who buy high power GPUs don't edit videos. They play video games. Playing video games and editing video are two entirely different ecosystems. You have to take these pairings with a grain of salt. You don't know WHY they are paired. no one really does. One can assume it's gamers trying to build a good system as cheaply as they can. But for you... Video editing is your priority, and 90% of that is CPU bound. Hell, unless you add lighting and complex transition effects to your videos you'll likly be 100% CPU bound. video cards for editing are about accelerating effects. everything else is handled by the CPU. What you buy for a video card will likely not impact performance in editing. Emphasize CPU power over GPU power. You can game just fine on a 1050ti and it will have little to no effect on your ability to render a video.
  8. email notifications

    Here are my preferences. Notice that i have selected to only receive one email notification for content until i revisit. My LTT emails from last night: The last 4 emails from "planning to build" were received at 1100pm, and I know i wasn't on the forum that late at night. I was watching a movie. are notifications working correctly? I never got this many emails in the past and i have not touched my preferences in months.
  9. biggest difference for you between 1060 and 1050ti is cuda cores. game performance is similar with a slight edge to the 1060 due to clock speed. CUDA acceleration will help with artsy fartsy stuff in your video production, but if you don't do any of that, then your money is better spent on a higher core count CPU. ...from one editor to another.
  10. You do not need NVMe storage unless you know you need it for a specific task. stick with SATA drives, 2.5" or NGFF (m.2) That'll either save you some cash for a better GPU or give you more storage space. the R7 1700 can OC to 1800x speeds, so you could save some more there.
  11. please help guys

    what list?
  12. PS2 Gmaes Question

    i believe you have to jumper connections on the motherboard. IE a HARDWARE mod.
  13. OK I need to know this.

    why do you think the PC will die by upgrading the CPU? VRM?
  14. please help guys

    frequency is measured in Hertz. so if you want a 4.0GHz i7, you shouldn't need to look very far. as for ram, most will suggest 16GB (2x8GB) with 8GB (1x8GB or 2x4GB) being the bare minimum. still looking at over $1000 for a heavy hitter.