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    ripanotha2013og got a reaction from Jumper118 in Z9210032   
    My stepdad's Compaq has a Sempron 3000+ right now (hot AF), and his HP has some kind of Athlon 64 x2. Before cleaning it would rev up the fan doing almost nothing. I ran Prime95 on it for over a week and it hadn't really come out of idle.
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    ripanotha2013og reacted to Jumper118 in Z150039   
    cmx512-3200C2PRO. Its basically 2x512mb of corsair xms pro series ddr ram. Its 400mhz and cl 2
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    ripanotha2013og got a reaction from dadasmithywinkle in My Truck - 2003 Silverado   
    OMG I WANT IT!!!
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    ripanotha2013og got a reaction from Labrat81 in 20141216 185108   
    Hey, a 300R brother! Even though my old rig is gonna go back in my 300R and my new rig goes in a new case...