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  1. Agree
    ripanotha2013og reacted to Zando Bob in display "informative" reactions instead of postcount   
    Not to mention I sometimes use the informative reaction sarcastically, aka it's surprising to know someone believes something so dumb. So this'd inadvertently censor we sarcastic bitches... ?
  2. Funny
    ripanotha2013og reacted to Origami Cactus in display "informative" reactions instead of postcount   
    Hmm, i wonder if there are some specific users that sparked this debate. ?
  3. Agree
    ripanotha2013og reacted to Fasauceome in display "informative" reactions instead of postcount   
    A lot of people, due to a lack of a negative react, will use "funny" to indicate that they're laughing at someone's post, which if they really are disagreeing with them, is just giving them a positive reputation. I can think of some users specifically who have a higher rating due to saying a lot of bullshit and getting laughed at
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    ripanotha2013og reacted to 5x5 in display "informative" reactions instead of postcount   
    Add a separate counter for "funny" - let the true meme king be uncovered.
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    ripanotha2013og reacted to Boyohan in Show off your old and retro computer parts   
    Does this count as "old" ?
    I salvaged some old parts from work to build a PC for my kid.
    z77-i mobo with i7 3770K and 8gb of DDR3 1600mhz. 
    I also added a (not so old) RX 580 gpu.
    I tested everything and also did a small cpu overclock to 4,4ghz
    Works great and the performance was surprisingly good.
    Cinebench 770, Time Spy 4200, Firestrike 11500.

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    ripanotha2013og reacted to givingtnt in Show off your old and retro computer parts   
    I got 2 brand new in box from 1985 (No, I didn't ask Doc & Marty to bring them to me) Atari ST Monitors !
    SM124 (Monochrome)
    SC1224 (Color)

    Here's just one of them because I don't want to move them around too much  

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    ripanotha2013og got a reaction from Ben17 in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    Again, you over-estimate how much dust he has/how much dust impacts cooling.
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    ripanotha2013og got a reaction from Ben17 in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    I think you either over-estimate how much dust that guy has or over-estimate how dust impacts cooling. My old daily-turned-file-server got just as dusty looking when it was still the daily and the difference was negligible.
    Hell, my sister's PC makes that look pretty clean and hers only runs a few C hotter.
  9. Agree
    ripanotha2013og reacted to Tristerin in Will an RTX card bottleneck my overclocked FX-9590?   
    My FX 8350 bottlenecks the crap out of my R9 Fury - yes it will be a serious bottleneck.  I know a guy here with a FX 8350 GTX 1080 ti - he enjoyed 4k @ 45 average FPS with some settings turned down.  He replaced the FX 8350 and realized just what he was missing out on.
    However if you don't care, it will work fine until you upgrade your CPU and mobo/ram to really let that card sing.
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    ripanotha2013og reacted to LinusTech in Are we allowed to use LinusKappa outside of this forum?   
    dun know how we'd stop you
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    ripanotha2013og reacted to Eniqmatic in Building a bed occupancy sensor for home automations   
    Hey guys!
    Thought I’d share my bed occupancy sensor (yes I know, more bed occupancy sensors based on load cells!) and hopefully make it easy for anyone else that wants to replicate.
    Using those cheap 50kg load cells under each corner of the bed, a HX711 board, Wemos D1 Mini and of course Home Assistant!
    One thing I found hard to find information on was how to mount the sensors. I tried a few things but ended up 3D printing casters/holders for my bed legs and allowing the load cells to slot into them, this stops the bed sliding around on the cells and interfering with the reading. This method keeps everything secure and ensures each cell is in the exact same position.
    See attached pictures.
    So what do I use this for?
    This has greatly improved my automations:
    Ensuring that when we are both in bed, every light and media player is turned off, door locks are set and the house alarm is set to “armed home”. I have lights that are automated through Home Assistant when motion is detected, I add a condition to these automations not to trigger these lights when we are both in bed, this is so that our dogs do not trigger lights all night. During night hours, the bathroom light comes on at a very dim brightness if one of us exits the bed during the night. This is great for not being blinded when getting up to the bathroom during the night! I’ve created a full guide here
    Github code:

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    ripanotha2013og reacted to Zando Bob in Better Apple CEO: Steve Jobs or Tim Cook?   
    Jobs but 1) this is like a generally known fact, guy is a legend for a reason, but 2) he's dead now ? so yeah doesn't really matter to current Apple whether Jobs was better than Cook or not, Cook is Cook and Jobs was Jobs. Apple is still doing well for itself, though I do think they made better stuff in the Jobs era, probably due to his extreme perfectionism. 
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    ripanotha2013og reacted to Fasauceome in What if the iphone 11 had an OLED   
    their non oled "liquid retina" display already looks really good, you'd be hard pressed to see the difference
  14. Agree
    ripanotha2013og reacted to HomeBoi in Trypophobia - A reason to not buy an iPhone 11   
    Then why arent people freaking the shit out over the new cheesegrater pro?
  15. Funny
    ripanotha2013og reacted to huilun02 in Trypophobia - A reason to not buy an iPhone 11   
    Lol class action
    What is Apple forcing people to use the new iphones?
    And to sue over a phobia?
    America at its finest
  16. Agree
    ripanotha2013og got a reaction from The_Prycer in Why is Anthony so mighty?   
    Anthony is the anime husbando none of us knew we needed, it's as simple as that.
  17. Agree
    ripanotha2013og got a reaction from LogicalDrm in physical copy or digital copy ?   
    It wasn't even that different before now. My copy of Portal 2 installs Steam and some of the game from the disc, and then just downloads a majority of it since it's tied to your account now anyways, and that was something like 2013 that I got that.
    Really the only truly disc-based games are for consoles anymore, and oftentimes even those have so much in the way of day-one install downloads that you're not a whole hell of a lot better off getting a disc over a download.
  18. Agree
    ripanotha2013og got a reaction from Zando Bob in Best Low Profile GTX 1650 for HP Elite 8300 SFF i7-3770?   
    Can confirm, low-pro 1050Ti's have always been stupidly inflated in price. Mine was $165 US Rubles or so in December of last year, and being a fairly niche card I can't imagine the used market for them is very hospitable.
  19. Agree
    ripanotha2013og reacted to Zando Bob in Best Low Profile GTX 1650 for HP Elite 8300 SFF i7-3770?   
    Eh... people want a lot of money for low profile 1050 Tis, new or used from what I've seen. 

    dials up @flibberdipper because IIRC he runs a low profile 1050 Ti in one of those Dell anti-thiccboyes
  20. Agree
    ripanotha2013og got a reaction from Tsuki in Is my computer good enough to use an Elgato HD60?   
    Pretty much without a doubt yes.
  21. Funny
    ripanotha2013og reacted to handymanshandle in French division of LTT? because Canada.   
    this thread is why no one likes quebec, even other people from quebec
  22. Agree
    ripanotha2013og reacted to Radium_Angel in HP Envy 13t 2019   
    HP has a nasty tendency to carve off support for things it ought to support, but decides to enable on more expensive models.
    I'd verify the laptop actually supports that, before buying one.
    Oh, in my my professional decades of experience, HP products are crap. I wouldn't buy one if you gave me the money to buy it with...
  23. Agree
    ripanotha2013og reacted to dalekphalm in New-to-me Car; Opinions and Suggestions?   
    The whole "European cars break more frequently" vs "No, American cars break more frequently" argument is bullshit in it's entirety.
    There are no stereotypes about this that are correct. Some American cars are simpler, and therefore easier to fix. Some Europoean cars are simpler, and therefore easier to fix. Some American cars have cheap parts. Some European cars have cheap parts. Some American cars break down a lot and aren't reliable. Some European cars break down a lot and aren't reliable.
    Shall I go on?
    Let's cut the nonsense. To say cars from America or Europe or Japan or Korea are better/worse than the rest is stupid, and meaningless. It depends on the specific car, and to a smaller degree, the manufacturer itself.
  24. Agree
    ripanotha2013og reacted to dalekphalm in French division of LTT? because Canada.   
    Okay, that's enough of that
    We know (ANY Canadian knows) that Canada and the US (and Mexico) are collectively part of the Continent of North America, which is the northern counterpart to South America, which is collectively referred to as "The Americas".
    Nobody calls North America "America" though. Nor does anybody call North + South "America" (They call it "The Americas", plural).
    In fact, globally, it's recognized that anyone who says "America", means "The United States of America" - so yeah. I get it, we Canadians can be a little touchy on that, but let's just drop that and move on.
    What exactly would be the purpose of a "French Division". What would they do? Who would they employ, and what tasks would that person be responsible for?
    The idea of a French section of the forum is counter intuitive to to the ideals of the forum in general, which is universal communication. Having any subforum in any alternate language means inherently that a very large portion of the LTT forum userbase will not be able to participate in the conversation.
    The Mods make allowances for people who want to discuss in their native language via the language megathreads, but it's discouraged for the forum at large because we don't want people posting questions or problems in a language that most users simply can't understand.
    The unfortunate truth is that English is the universal language on the forums, because we can expect any forum member to know at least a little English.
    Actually there's no such country as "United-States", it's called "The United States of America". It's also internationally recognized shorthand to call it "America", and everyone knows what you're talking about.
    Why, though? To exclude other forum members?
    If there's a big enough userbase, it may be possible, eventually, to have videos translated into French language, but largely, French Subtitles are likely the more realistic result.
  25. Agree
    ripanotha2013og reacted to The_Prycer in French division of LTT? because Canada.   
    I am aware that Canada is a part of the North American continent, yes. However, Linus gets the majority of his viewers from the country of America, which is a touch south of you.
    What you are asking for is for Linus to invest time and money in to something that may or may not work to develop a large French speaking community around his successful English speaking project. If you feel there is not enough French tech content on YouTube you are more than welcome to create it yourself or to begin creating French content on the forums to support your fellow language users.