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  1. Why hello dual-P3-and-30GB-Maxtor-drive brother. Hella jelly about your RAM. 1.5GB would be stupid nice over my 512MB, though ideally I'd want a full 4GB.
  2. Don't forget the fact that they probably have a bootable USB that checks out all the super basics. Used to have one of their old DVDs and it was little more than memtest and a virus scan if memory serves.
  3. I doubt enough people see your nerdy underwear for you to be self conscious about it. Just buy more and own it.
  4. Someone say XP-era CRT? Eventually I ought to clean this thing up a bit better, but all it does anymore is sit in my closet sooooo
  5. I'm kind of one of the people in that camp. When all I have to drink is water I constantly forget to actually drink anything just because of the lack of flavor. One of these days I ought to look into additives to make it have flavor but without any caffeine and fuckloads of sugar, since that'd still ultimately be better for me than caffeine free Pepsi and root beer.
  6. Calling the 6500 ancient is probably the funniest thing I've seen on here all week. That out of the way, a 2060 would probably be fine. Depending on the game I can imagine the CPU could pose a bit of an issue, but it wouldn't be a massive issue. Though I would personally recommend looking at used 1070's and 1070Ti's. Could probably get one for less than the 2060, and you'd still get identical performance (and losing RTX isn't really a big deal IMO since it's a meme on the 2060).
  7. Quite a bit. The upper limit of a 4300 is probably somewhere around a GTX 750Ti/660/660Ti (based off how my sister's FX-6300 handles a glorified HD7950).
  8. Crucial BX500 gets my vote. Have a 120GB one myself and it's pretty good considering it cost like 25 bucks at the time.
  9. Can't really say there's much of a point to not going with the CX600 other than non-modular being kinda annoying.
  10. Can't really go wrong with a UPS if you have the money to do so. They sure are nice to have if your power isn't the most consistent thing out there, whether it's shitty voltage or just frequent outages.
  11. Thanks Todd, keep up the balance.

    Just for the record since Handbrake really dropped the ball on the transcode, I'm a level 25 and was pitted against a level 45 mothman and level 50 scorchbeast.


    1. Tech_Dreamer


      now there's a profile pic we all remember.

  12. I did some house cleaning and I shed about 80, 20, and 40GB per drive (though my Plex drive has been continually growing). This shit is why I want to go with a 512GB SSD for my main drive and then a pair of 2TB SSDs in my next rig though.
  13. You always say "this amount is fine" and then within a year you're sitting there like "shit, this is NOT fine."
  14. Pretty much regardless of what server you're running the Xeon would do better with that player count. Haven't personally used Spigot (only vanilla and Enigmatica2), but if Spigot is more like vanilla then 4-6 players would probably be the upper limit assuming people are being pretty chill, if I had to wager a very generous guess (just based off the fact that the Celeron gets smacked around by a stock G3258 and MC Server generally prefers faster cores over more cores in my experience). Regardless, I wouldn't bother with it. Just go with the Xeon and enjoy not having to deal with the headache of not having a fast enough server. Psh, a 4th gen Pentium is about a Celeron and a half in this case.
  15. Guess it's been so long since I've seen anything about it that I got mixed up. ?
  16. It's been working fine for me, but they do seem to be rolling out the new UI so that could be part of it.
  17. Extremely overpriced for what you get with performance roughly in line with a 212 EVO, so I can't say I'd really recommend buying it. You could get a Shadow Rock Slim or a Pure Rock from be quiet! which would have a similarish look while costing less, performing about the same, and almost undoubtedly being quieter.
  18. it's 50/50. The Q77 board in my 7010 has no problems with mixed ram, but the Z97 board in my clusterfuck file server does. But, since you already have one mis-matched stick I'd say you might be in the clear. Might as well shoot your shot if you need the extra RAM, because there are certainly worse ways to spend that amount of money.
  19. And I should care why? It's my preferred switch, not yours or Tom's.
  20. Ditto on this. Having two drives with Windows installs trying to coexist can be the fuckiest thing ever.
  21. Change is bad, and people are idiots. That's really it. Genuinely if it weren't for UWP games I'd still probably be on 8.1 because it gave me less problems than 10, and seemingly unlike most people I have this strange ability to adapt to a different start menu. Hell, I rather liked it.
  22. Too bad this idea requires people actually mark their topics as solved, which they very rarely do, and policing that to make sure people do so is quite honestly a waste of time. Good idea on paper, awful in execution.