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  1. Still technically a P71, but now ayy lmao



    old thicc dicc vic for comparison


    1. iHardware Shelden

      iHardware Shelden

      You get a build setup with that 370 board? See you changed your name haha

    2. ripanotha2013og


      You bet, had it set up just a couple days after getting it and making sure everything tested out fine and at this point use it almost every day. Pics and future plans can be seen here: https://builds.gg/flibberdipper/zenith-dual-socket-pentium-3-xp-rig-18738

    3. iHardware Shelden

      iHardware Shelden

      Heck ya! Glad you put it to use, still have my main system in the Q2000 is came in :D