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  1. I'm not really sure what high humidity has to do with playing into your fear of water cooling. It doesn't really impact water cooled systems... It's not like they get lower than ambient temps. Either way, uhhh congrats for finding out more airflow = better thermal performance?
  2. Woah shit, a fellow common sense bröther. Mine is that this obsession with borderless phones is completely idiotic, and that quite honestly the Stylo 4 and similar phones got it right. Reasonably sized sides, symmetric and reasonably small chins, no need for a pinhole, notch, asymmetric chins (why is this a thing???), or those godawful mechanized front cameras. I feel like this is far from unpopular lol
  3. Honestly it's appalling how much power they use. But nah, might as well use a 1.4kW power whore with a primitive design because we gotta make that dolla dolla yo, who needs innovation.
  4. I'd feel pretty safe in saying that it is. I have yet to encounter an install of Windows that's XP or newer that doesn't noticeably slow down at some point.
  5. Given that you said it's happened over time, it just sounds like your average W10 HDD install.
  6. Could be Windows being dumb seemingly as usual with file transfers, but could also be the drive handling cache in a really idiotic way.
  7. This post was about as predictable as everyone who is alive right now dying at a later date.
  8. That is actually kind of fascinating to me. Never really realized where pop sat on an acidity scale since it never got covered in school for me.
  9. Better be 95 no-letter, aka the best version of 95! Damn kids and their 95A always thinking that they're better than you.
  10. Yep, second smallest, though still quite a bit more roomy than the USFF. Also I sure know that feeling, I was wanting Zotac's low-profile 1050Ti myself but absolutely nobody had one so I had to settle for the MSI model which was a bit unfortunate since the fans used on it aren't that great (Zotac's seemed to be a bit better in that regard). Oh well, nothing an old Sempron 145 stock cooler fan and twist ties couldn't fix. Same temps for far less noise? Sign me up. Link to picture to avoid putting non-actual build photos in the thread
  11. Starting off with the primary display thing, that is kind of a fucky thing with Nvidia at least (can't remember how it was with AMD). On my 1050Ti I want to say the ports in order from 1 to 3 go DisplayPort, HDMI, and then DVI. So even though my main monitor is in fact DVI, my TV connected to DP ends up being the primary, so if I ever have to muck around before Windows starts I need to use it, which is rather annoying. Anyways, first stop would be playing around with your TV and checking for anything relating to overscan, PC mode, or game mode. Had a similar-ish issue on my dad's living room TV (an older RCA fwiw) and changing that HDMI ports' name it to game mode fixed the issue. Another thing that could help (even though it's not ideal) is messing with overscan in the Nvidia Control Panel. I believe this is the right area to do this kind of adjustment in, but I'm not able to check for myself since I don't have this issue obviously.
  12. Curious how this will turn out seeing as you have the smaller of the two "larger" desktops. That extra 3 inches of height makes all the difference in the world. ?
  13. Have you been pulling a Patrick Star? Microsoft killed it. ElDewrito may exist but Halo Online is officially dead.
  14. If you're positive that its not hitting a wire, then it could just be subpar bearings. It's pretty 50/50 if they'll take an RMA for it (I'd probably bank on they wouldn't), but at the very least they'll probably last for a good while longer. The stock fans for my 7950 made awful noises for the entire 2-3 years I used it with the cooler I swapped onto it, and those fans still work fine.
  15. Exactly zero inside my PC. Right now just my mouse is RGB (keyboard is just red), though I do wanna get a G Pro TKL + wireless mouse so that'll boost my RGB game about as high as I want to take it.
  16. Given the fact that it's a laptop, that's still well within the norm.
  17. Now pluck one stick out at random and die a little inside. ?
  18. You tryin' to tell me you put on clothes before going outside? What a weirdo.
  19. I doubt they actually give a shit unless they're 14, in which case we have other problems.
  20. And this is supposed to influence my decisions how? This isn't some meh-tier laptop. Would also be retarded to run non-matching sticks, and having one slot empty is retarded looking.