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Everything posted by flibberdipper

  1. flibberdipper

    Show off your latest purchase!

    Dad got this 120GB feller to replace the trusty Hitachi 80GB 5.4KRPM ripper in my file server/video workhorse. Not having to wait multiple minutes for it to boot and then a few more to do anything will be nice. EDIT: Ok I'm salty how fast my file server boots now lol. Server 2012 R2 boots so quick you get about 3-5 seconds of the UEFI spinny boi and then you're dumped in the desktop and ready to go 3 seconds after that (about 20-25 seconds from button press to full chooch). Compared to my main rig that takes a full minute from button press to ready... Also peep my phone's increasingly bad camera. Hopefully that'll be fixed once mom has money to get my sister and lil ol me our upgrades.
  2. I could not resist dumping my meme of a system on builds.gg. It had to happen.



    1. imreloadin


      Very nice! I've always had a soft spot for old optiplexes xD

    2. flibberdipper


      Thanks! And yep, these ol' lads always have a reserved spot for me (especially these newer "pointy" ones, would love to get one of the newer ones that's mostly blacked out).

    3. Bananasplit_00


      thats a new website for me, guess il spam everything i have ever build onto there now then

  3. Nah, I'll just keep going. Not gonna let some whiny guy on the internet tell me what I should do lmao
  4. By your impressive logic it's not a gaming monitor but an everything monitor.
  5. flibberdipper

    A message to the past

    I'd start off by going to younger versions of me and yelling "DON'T FUCKIN KILL THAT," and then go back to when my grandpa passed to make sure my mom's family couldn't pawn off his shit that actually had useful stuff in (yes, in) them.
  6. flibberdipper

    Valuation Advise on i7-3770 based System

    Pretty solid 375-425. I'd probably just list it for 450 and see what that gets you.
  7. flibberdipper

    Power Outlets PISSES LINUS OFF. [Discussion]

    Not sure what you're tying to get at but no. Only buildings that seem to use them are old houses that haven't been electrically updated for whatever reason.
  8. flibberdipper


    Yep. I got banned from his channel for being brutally blunt (can see that in my last status update if you care to). I do genuinely hope his channel gets curbstomped at the end of this.
  9. flibberdipper

    Power Outlets PISSES LINUS OFF. [Discussion]

    Hey ig rain gang, this is a weak argument considering its more material than an adapter, considerably more in fact because the unification BS would require replacing every outlet that there is. And then this argon-brain material... The hell are you doing? Plugging in a car and letting it hang off the outlet?
  10. flibberdipper


    So I watched the first bit of part two as well as part one, and that title is some fine-ass clickbait riding off the events of the week. He's building a PC for a judge, it's not even related to what the hell went down. This guy is tryna get those streams above his ~10K average so hard lmao
  11. flibberdipper

    Power Outlets PISSES LINUS OFF. [Discussion]

    And the waste of all old electronics and outlets is somehow better than adapters that really only a handful of people on this planet will use?
  12. flibberdipper

    Power Outlets PISSES LINUS OFF. [Discussion]

    Yes, because it making adapters for "pre-unifying" shit and overhauling all the outlets everywhere isn't a pain in the ass at all.
  13. flibberdipper

    Gaming screenshots

    This color was SO worth the 3-5 minutes I spent on it. Also a quick Sonic Blue Metallic recreation.
  14. flibberdipper

    Why are Cell Phone bills in the U.S. so high?

    None of our internet-y things make sense honestly. My mom has herself, my sister, and then me on an unlimited plan (technically supposed to throttle at 33GB but it does it at random) and each line is 25 bucks. Yet an unlimited data cable plan would be almost 150 bucks. Granted the speeds would be considerably higher since you don't have to deal with how piss poor our LTE is here, but still.
  15. flibberdipper

    Is it okay to keep reinstalling OS to SSD?

    You would have to write a pretty sizeable amount of data every day to impact an SSD's life in a meaningful way. Reinstalling Windows even once a week wouldn't do a whole hell of a lot.
  16. flibberdipper

    A GPU suggestion for my very old i7 3770

    RX 570 all the way. Also drop the very very old BS, they're still plenty competent because of how little Intel has really innovated.
  17. flibberdipper

    Task Manager CPU flex thread

    Weird flex but ok
  18. Carey blocked your boy on YT so now my super blunt comment no longer shows up. 10/10 IGN dude knows he's full o shit





    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Psybadek


      Not a fan of Carey. He's utterly boring and I never felt like he is all that knowledgeable. He acts like a know it all when in fact he has been wrong about plenty of things in the past. We also have a case in point since he doesn't understand how the YouTube algorithm works.

    3. Darkman
    4. flibberdipper


      @Psybadek If I'm not mistaken, at some point he got super butthurt over how to apply thermal paste and said something to the tune of "people that don't do it the same way as me are morons." And we can't also forget the fact that he's shown his clear disdain for tech channels with higher sub counts than him in the past.

  19. I love when people list hardware as "fully working" and then you get it and it artifacts like a bitch. Is it really that damn hard to plug it in for like 2 minutes to make sure?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. firelighter487


      @flibberdipper in that case i can understand someone not having an AGP machine laying around to test it with. 


      but i agree they should have listed it as untested. 

    3. Schnoz


      Once my dad bought a screen protector from ebay then received it in tiny little shards.


      Disclaimer: Ebay isn't bad, and if you know where to look, there are good parts with good prices.


      A "GTX 970" I got for $40 was a 550 Ti in disguise with no overclocking headroom, a terrible heatsink, noisy fan, and holes for, but no VRM heatsink.

    4. flibberdipper



      Disclaimer: Ebay isn't bad, and if you know where to look, there are good parts with good prices.

      I mean this is just common sense, so...


      Either way, somehow AGP cards have dried up even more since then so if mom gets money back from it (which she should since eBay is pretty good about siding with the buyer) it'll just go to a new phone.

  20. flibberdipper

    Did people see this i'm sure is not right

    Nah, nobody has seen it. It's only been reposted about a dozen times.
  21. flibberdipper

    why is LTT attacking Carey Holzman?

    They're not. Content ID is being its usual pile of shit. There's been two other people I know who've been hit for using the Valley benchmark or something like that.
  22. Man YouTube is just on a roll fucking everyone's shit up. 10/10 would get copystriked again
  23. flibberdipper

    Overclocking reduce life span?

    Yeah your settings were fine. Really it's pretty hard to kill a card overclocking in AB unless you manage to fully unlock it. And fan speed is completely up to you. If the noise doesn't bother you, go ahead. Really though, as long as it stays under 85C (the generally agreed upon safe zone) it'll be fine. I'd really only be worried if I saw temps getting into the 90s.
  24. flibberdipper

    Do I need integrated graphics?

    Since you have a CPU that's Skylake or later you could take advantage of QuickSync encoding in Premiere which is actually pretty damn good (or QS in OBS which honestly just isn't as good as NVENC). Aside from that, honestly all an iGPU is good for IMO in a desktop is if your dedicated card dies on you and you need a stop gap.
  25. flibberdipper

    POLL: Which do you prefer; Apex Legends, Fortnite, PUBG or Blackout?

    adds to shit-to-blackmail-people-with-later file