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Everything posted by flibberdipper

  1. flibberdipper

    Gaming screenshots

  2. flibberdipper

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    That's been a thing for a long time. Not exactly special.
  3. flibberdipper

    [PC] Borderlands 2 Help

    If you really want to, just get some save editors and OP the hell out of your character. I made my characters for the three games level 69 with autistically good gear for the lulz and you can blitz through missions like nobody's business.
  4. flibberdipper

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    Interesting, my old Presario has a slightly better version but in gold (though the 233 also had gold versions too).
  5. Can't wait for this to thermal throttle and become slower than the 6-core.
  6. flibberdipper

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    Replace the G with a C and you'd be right.
  7. flibberdipper

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    Slot-style Pentium 2/3 or Athlon.
  8. flibberdipper

    Nvidia better connection to CPU than amd?

    Just changing the graphics card to a more powerful one won't magically reduce CPU load by making the game more GPU reliant. If anything, it would increase the load on the CPU.
  9. flibberdipper

    Nvidia better connection to CPU than amd?

    That's not how it works. Like, at all.
  10. flibberdipper

    Show off your latest purchase!

    Oh shit they made the gun from CSGO into a real thing! (incredibly fat /s if it wasn't obvious)
  11. flibberdipper

    Fullscreen is blurry

    You'd know if it was being used since the game would be running above native res.
  12. flibberdipper

    Fullscreen is blurry

    You sure the games are running at native res and that the VSR resolution (assuming you even have VSR turned on) isn't being used?
  13. flibberdipper

    Is Alienware m13 likely?

    I know it can. Hell, I got through high school (which for me was just slightly-less-hard college) with an E4300. But getting ~2.5 hours on a full charge with this laptop just doesn't make sense when the G7 would assblast it for performance and still get better battery life. Would also be really nice for LAN parties with friends I do fairly often not having to drag my desktop and peripherals around.
  14. flibberdipper

    Reccommend pls luv you

    Z97/Haswell does not support DDR4. DDR4 didn't come into play until Z170/Skylake on the consumer side.
  15. flibberdipper

    Is Alienware m13 likely?

    Kinda sucks that 13" gets no love, and when it does there's always awful compromises. Whenever I get into college I'll have to upgrade from my E4310 since battery life is atrocious thanks to first-gen i5, and the only laptop that I'd be fine with is a damn G7 15 (2060/256GB+1TB/fingerprint/aftermarket 16GB RAM) since they're not that chonky. Would love the 13 R3 but fuck that price tag long and hard.
  16. flibberdipper

    Reccommend pls luv you

    Starting point is you can't put DDR4 into a DDR3 board. Just get another similar spec stick of DDR3 and call it a day. For a GPU, a 1070Ti/2060/V56 is about as low as you'd realistically want to go unless you're fine with compromising settings.
  17. flibberdipper

    Which PSU is better?

    90+ Gold isn't a thing.
  18. flibberdipper

    ATI Radeon 3450 driver problems on Windows XP

    Try giving it a shot on Vista or 7. If it still fails then you got a bunk GPU.
  19. flibberdipper

    Best GPU for Q9300

    Just grab a Q9300 and a used 7950. Generally cheap as hell and probably the least idiotic purchase if you're still investing in 775 for whatever reason.
  20. Shit, time to become a plastic sellout and get absolutely fucking loaded.
  21. flibberdipper

    YouTube Copyright Strikes Again

    In a surprise to nobody, YouTube bootyfucks another creator long and hard. This and more on the 3 o'clock news.
  22. flibberdipper

    Claning a plexiglass side panel window?

    My Enthoo Pro has been fine with a good microfiber and automotive glass cleaner, though your mileage WILL vary, since not all plexi windows are equal.
  23. flibberdipper

    SSD on SATA 2?

    Minecraft servers aren't really all that big. My Enigmatica 2 server is sitting at ~600MB right now (both of my vanilla servers are under 150MB). But really, if you don't have to start the PC/server up every day and you generally don't interact with the system, I can't say I see a point in getting an SSD. Hell, the only reason I grabbed a 120GB BX500 for like 20 bucks for mine was because I interact with my file server/MC server/re-encode bitch literally every day (and have to boot it up every day). Enigmatica 2 startup times dropped massively as well.
  24. flibberdipper

    Western Digital to release 20TB HDD

    Gee wow, one product that has a known problem, holy fuck that's never happened before
  25. flibberdipper

    Western Digital to release 20TB HDD

    The whole blanket statement of "they don't make 'em like they used to" comes to mind (and the whole shit-wasnt-as-sensitive-as-a-snowflake thing). Hell, the 20GB Seagate in the PC that ran the alignment machine at my dad's last job ran non-stop (aside from the obvious power fuckup or machine maintenance) from 2001 until they closed in 2016 and it's fine. Shit has fewer bad sectors than half the drives in my file server.