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Everything posted by flibberdipper

  1. flibberdipper

    Intel Core i9-9900K for $30?

    If you have to ask, you pretty much deserve to be ripped off.
  2. flibberdipper

    POLL: Which do you prefer; Apex Legends, Fortnite, PUBG or Blackout?

    Mate if you're worried about getting judged for what games you play by some rando on the internet, you shouldn't be on the internet in the first place.
  3. flibberdipper

    Anyone else seeing this ?!?!

    It's kind of a hot topic if you will, so naturally this thread will get hella attention.
  4. flibberdipper

    Is this a good crt

    Looks like a pretty standard CRT, honestly.
  5. flibberdipper

    Are You Uninstalling Epic Games Launcher?

    I uninstalled it because I wanted to reclaim the space on my SSD and I never play Subnautica anyways, so that freed up some space on the HDD as well.
  6. flibberdipper

    How to type F A S T

    In middle school I just used Typing Web all the damn time (hell it was a part of my keyboarding class) and after about a semester of that + doing typing tests (aka you had a minute to type sentences that came to mind as fast as you possibly could with something over the keyboard so that you couldn't peek) I was on my way to using my own retarded method of touch typing that is nowhere near "proper" form.
  7. Their only function in life (as far as I know) is to let you know if one of the connectors isn't getting power. Honestly just take some electrical tape and cover those annoying cunts up.
  8. flibberdipper

    Aging Gaming PC needs your help

    I'd defo do the CPU side of things first.
  9. flibberdipper

    Show off your latest purchase!

    HD 3650 512MB for my XP rig. Can't wait to get home and slap this bitch in and pray to hell that it works.
  10. flibberdipper

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    HD 3650 512MB for my XP rig. Can't wait to get home and slap this bitch in and pray to hell that it works.
  11. flibberdipper

    Why was the 390x so fast and the 480,580,590 so slow?

    Well the most obvious fact was that Hawaii was actually meant to try and compete in the high end, whereas Polaris was more aimed to increase efficiency and get a good hold on the budget market.
  12. flibberdipper

    $260 GTX 1070Ti or a $400 RTX 2060?

    NVENC on the Turing cards isn't really a whole hell of a lot better than Pascal when it comes down to it. The only really "hey that's pretty damn good" NVENC update I'm aware of is within OBS but it applies to 700 series and up anyways. And future proofing is kind of a weak point, honestly. Once ray tracing is actually somewhat more commonplace I'm sure that the 2060 will be a too weak to get halfway decent framerates in the first place (seeing as it already kinda struggles with that). Really the only argument for futureproofing I can make is hoping something comes along that you'd use that makes use of the tensor cores.
  13. flibberdipper

    Foundy old dream build

    As someone with overall similar hardware, I gotta say it still holds up. My 7950 is generally pretty even with my 1050Ti so yeah.
  14. flibberdipper

    Which SSD do I buy?

    Out of those options, my top three would be (in order from number one to three) the Intel, WD, and ADATA options.
  15. flibberdipper

    GPU won't clock down all the way on idle

    Won't really matter if your PC will boot into Windows without a GPU and also have the power button set in Windows to just turn off when you hit it. I had the iGPU on my CPU disabled and this method worked a-ok.
  16. flibberdipper

    how to limit access to drives

    Right click the drive, go to properties, hit the security tab, and then change the entries so that your user account (and administrator) are the only ones with full rights. So long as your account is the only one with admin permissions, it'll be fine.
  17. flibberdipper

    GPU won't clock down all the way on idle

    I had a similar problem quite often with my 7950 before, and the method that almost always fixed it was taking it out, booting my system up and shutting it down, and then putting it back in. Also unless your GPU is constantly in the 85+ range, the hit to its life is incredibly negligible to non-existent.
  18. flibberdipper

    $260 GTX 1070Ti or a $400 RTX 2060?

    I would personally go with the 1070Ti. I don't think RTX is mature enough at this point (or really a good enough performer) to warrant that price hike.
  19. flibberdipper

    Need help on Recording Videos

    Kinda looks like you're using CPU encoding and not using NVENC.
  20. flibberdipper

    Who was your Valentine this year and Last year?

    Hell yeah brother! If one ever needs their fix of junkyard LS's being destroyed, apparently our man Cleeter has got that under control now.
  21. flibberdipper

    Who was your Valentine this year and Last year?

    This year was ol' righty, and last year was Bardle Skeet (aka Mountain Dew).
  22. flibberdipper

    GTX 1050 2 GB vs. R9 280x

    My 7950 (aka 280) is pretty comparable to my 1050Ti even, so I would absolutely choose the 280x.
  23. flibberdipper

    What track is this from Fallout 4?

    Earlier I was playing Fallout 4 and I heard one of the ambient tracks come on and I don't believe I've ever heard it before. I've been going through the OST trying to figure out what it is but I swear I cannot place it. Google Assistant and Shazam have also been completely useless. So uh, any help would be awesome. Fallout 4 2019.02.14 -
  24. I also have the AC55BT and it works fine in Windows and Linux because of the fact that it uses the 8260.
  25. flibberdipper

    What does a good mouse really feel like?

    For me I went from pretty mediocre mice (stuff like the IntelliMouse 2.0 and stuff you'd get with Dell/HP prebuilts) to the M40 (and later M65), and while at first I didn't really notice a whole hell of a lot, going back to them sure makes me cry a bit. Between lackluster DPI, lack of secondary buttons, and just bleh ergonomics, I really don't wanna go back to them for anything other than my XP rig.