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Everything posted by flibberdipper

  1. flibberdipper

    Western Digital to release 20TB HDD

    Christ on a bike, that's a big yikes. Should be interesting to see what longevity on them is like.
  2. I see you being serious as a heart attack about not making another Zen post until July went really well, as expected.
  3. They'll stop being relevant by the time humans kill literally everything on the planet. So like 50 years.
  4. flibberdipper

    Rage 2 PC performance benchmarks

    Semi-disappointed how mediocre the 1050Ti did. Though as long as MCC runs like butter I'll be content
  5. flibberdipper

    what are your thoughts about this rig?

    So your sample size of one with a problem somehow outweighs my sample size of 5 spanning 3 years... alrightythen
  6. flibberdipper

    what are your thoughts about this rig?

    Everyone in my house has one in their systems and they're all fine.
  7. flibberdipper

    what are your thoughts about this rig?

    RX 590 is a waste, just get a 580 and overclock it. PSU is trash, you'd be better off getting something like a CX550M or CX650M.
  8. flibberdipper

    Consumer vs HEDT Zen 2

    I highly doubt that.
  9. flibberdipper

    Consumer vs HEDT Zen 2

    jesuschristmas another one If I had a dollar for every thread you've made about Ryzen I swear I could damn near buy a 2700X.
  10. flibberdipper

    Do SSDs wear out on idle?

    Having a drive continuously spinning isn't that hard on them (unless you go out of your way to make it hard). You'd hurt them more turning them on and off repeatedly.
  11. flibberdipper

    Zen 2 or Zen 3 in 2020 with DDR5 RAM ?

    Another day, another "give me info about next-gen Zen that nobody has" thread from you.
  12. flibberdipper


    It's more like using a single piece of scotch tape to try and fix a hole in your roof caused by a tornado (aka it doesn't do fuckall).
  13. flibberdipper

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    Ah, more old Compaq laptops. My pride and joy laptop is this ProSignia 165. 400MHz PII, RAGE LT Pro 4MB, 128MB RAM (upgraded from the stock 64MB onboard), 40GB Travelstar HDD (no idea what stock was), and Windows Millennium since it seriously works better than 98SE, the only downside is no real-mode DOS (at least not without diddling around a bit and getting a semi-jank workaround). Really the only problems this laptop has is some cracked plastic (expected for a 20 year old or so laptop that had a previous life in a school, even though it seems to have been a light life), the battery went flat over the summer finally, and I can't help but feel that the display's backlighting is getting weaker as it takes a bit longer to warm up than it used to (the picture actually somewhat demonstrates this as it was shortly after turning on, though it is rather exaggerated from the exposure being cranked way down because of my monitor).
  14. flibberdipper

    200GE Stock Cooler Fan Size

    If it's one of these, it's a 70mm. Not worth replacing just the fan since they're actually reasonably quiet (have one cooling my 1050Ti for that matter). You'd just be better off getting a new cooler as a whole.
  15. flibberdipper

    Time Travel Tuesday!

    It's Tuesday o'clock somewhere I guess.
  16. flibberdipper

    My tech is so bad...

    Almost like they were optional for auto makers before they were a requirement, huh?
  17. flibberdipper

    My tech is so bad...

    I want to say they became a requirement sometime in 98 so that'd make sense.
  18. flibberdipper

    Linus Fans Video

    I can't imagine being foolish enough to choose a sponsored video as my evidence for something being the best.
  19. flibberdipper

    Would this be cheating.

    Anti-cheat might not pick up on it, but other people would almost certainly report you and get you in hot water.
  20. flibberdipper

    My tech is so bad...

    Airbags are required by law (at least in first-world countries) as far as i know. Also, 210K mile '04 gang
  21. flibberdipper

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    uh no
  22. flibberdipper

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    That's a baller case. Shame it's so dirty.
  23. flibberdipper

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    Figured I might as well post this here too since I'm using it and CBA to download each picture on my phone and upload them here as well. Effectively the build log for it as well for whenever the hell I manage to get money to spruce it up. https://builds.gg/flibberdipper/zenith-dual-socket-pentium-3-xp-rig-18738
  24. flibberdipper

    do you like hot cheetos

    If I had my way about it, I'd have a large bag a day. But that's both an asshole destroyer and a wallet destroyer.