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  1. austin541

    New build, Temp problems

    Motherboard sensor saying the wrong readout is normal. As long as you can physically feel the components and they aren't as hot as the read out says your fine. Kind of a phantom sensor.
  2. austin541

    H80i for 45 Dollars

    i used a refurbished h80 i got at frys for a year and a half, and it still works just upgraded.
  3. austin541

    [FINISHED March the 8th, 2015] Redefine R4

    just amazing, puts my r4 to shame .
  4. austin541

    Thermal paste for GTX 480

  5. that keyboard is really nice my old one was the mx red version that is a killer deal.
  6. austin541

    a way to reduce dust inside the computer

    i actually used that case for about a year i found the best solution was to have a fan in the front as intake 2 in the top as intake and one in the back as exhaust, i also modded the the side panel to be a full clear window without fan mounts.
  7. austin541


    damn, we need more pictures but that looks beautiful so far
  8. Remount your cooler and reapply thermal paste 80c at under 1.2 volts seems kind of high. And make sure to watch your vrm temps because your board doesn't have the best vrm cooling.
  9. austin541

    Budget CPU cooler for i7 4790K?

    i used a hyper 212 evo for about 3 days on my i7 4790k, i would not recommend it. it cant keep up with it the temps get up to 75c under gaming load with a overclock of 4.5ghz 1.19 volts. i would recommend a NHD-14 or master seidon 240m.
  10. austin541

    6950 crossfire help not sure

    i would recommend getting a new gpu, because the 6000 series is pretty outdated.
  11. austin541

    [US] Refurbished H100 - $55

    i ran an h80 refurb for a year and a half worked great i would buy this if i needed this.
  12. austin541

    Dual 200mm Case Fan Not Making A Difference?

    Just leave it alone those temps are more than reasonable and 3-5 degrees would be within margin of error for a case swap.
  13. austin541

    Best bang for buck z97 MOBO?

    msi g55 sli, i have it and love it.
  14. austin541

    Cheap gaming mouse under $20 USD?

    E-3lue Cobra EMS109BK its a good mouse for $12
  15. austin541

    Define R4 for $80 a good fit?

    i love my define r4, looks good has good airflow and great expandability.
  16. i have the blues ones in my define r4 works great and looks good.
  17. austin541

    H100i fan replacements

    sp 120 performance edition works great on my h100i
  18. austin541

    when do you plan on upgrading to ddr4?

    un tell needed just got my devils canyon and it has more power than i need so probably 4-6 years.
  19. austin541

    Best Thermal Paste?

    noctua NT-H1