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Luis Alberto Guiza Zayas

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About Luis Alberto Guiza Zayas

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  • CPU
    I5 4590
  • Motherboard
    Micro itx
  • RAM
    4+4 Hyper x
  • GPU
    EVGA 760
  • Case
    Aerocool Xpredator 1 white
  • Storage
    240 ssd and 2 TB
  • PSU
    850 bad brand
  • Display(s)
    34 inch LG ultrawide
  • Cooling
    A few.
  • Mouse
  • Sound
    A car amplifier and equipment

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  1. In my experience the horse power of a card with 2 gb vram will be best for a 1050. i mean if you have that card and raise the textures or resolution to reach 3 gb you will be seen with lower than 50 fps. I have a Nvidia 760 2 gb and believe me i do perfect in 2560x1080. Conclution you do not need 4 GB vram for that horse power. and it is true, buy an AMD 470 instead. also freesync is capable in today's almost monitors.
  2. There is no reason why the 1050 TI is the best seller. I mean 1050TI it's 40% more expensive and less than 10% better. I will recomend to buy a 1050 instead of the Ti. See the images.
  3. Hello. I do not know if this topic has been spoken in Linus forums. But i request to give a try to this amazon modding piece to believe that is real. Some people had try this and they show that is true than we can use the wifi serial port in an old laptop in order to attach an external gpu. Someone tell Linus to try it please.
  4. Good point, is no longer buzzing idk why, but it was before. i will try it when it (the sound) gets back. I was thinking that may be because of the bad grounding. I don't have the third pin ground installation in my house.
  5. Hi guys, first post. I realized that the movement of my mouse makes a weird buzzing noise coming from the speakers ¿what could it be?
  6. Hi Linus, please tell us about input lag of this projector.