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  1. If you don't want to learn it on forums an the like, I'd recommend using something like Codecademy. I used youtube tutorials to learn VB and Imo, it's the most rewarding language for a new coder. It teaches you a lot of cool elements and a lot of stuff that you can apply to other languages.
  2. I got really caught up on 3D Arrays to start with and that set a pretty weak foundation for the more advanced planning. I partially blame a bad programming department but I remember watching my class dwindle from 50+ people down to 3 for the final. The program we had to make was one similar to an old C project I had made before (and it was almost as annoying). It was an airport data entry program. It would have an input for a plane by number, date assigned, model number, last landed, longest possible travel distance, refueling costs, etc. Then the admin could view the full data set in the program and delete/edit specific entries. The last part was search functionality that allowed to search based on any of the inputs (this is the one that got me). All of which required different logins and levels of security. The issue I had is that when he told us the assignment, we had never done anything even similar to it in a class and hadn't learned about many of the things we needed for completion of the final. I remember asking on stackoverflow for some advice on it and it just turned into questions about why my professor hadn't taught us about how to do it. That class made me change my major from CompSci to Computer Systems Networking.
  3. It was either a terrible professor or just the later difficulty but my Programming 3 class got into the really annoying parts of Python. I wouldn't wish that upon anyone.
  4. I just moved into a new place and had to leave my old TV behind. This seems like the best option for rewatching Game of Thrones with friends in the living room.