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  1. First off, a mask is somewhat protective. A virus needs a vector to spread, in this case moisture droplets, sometimes viruses can however be airbourne, in which case most masks are useless (viruses are very small and can easily get through the filter. Measles is a prime example) Masks are effective when the virus is in the moisture droplets. They can't live particularly long outside a host, and most viruses will degrade - however some can be quite tough. I wouldn't worry about if it gets stuck in the filter. I'd probably buy disposable masks, just throw the old one away in a safe refuse bin. (Realistically though, we have a pretty cool immune system that will kick and virus' ass, unless you are immunocompromised. It's much better than any mask).
  2. Thats a really great performance boost. If anything, this shows the benchmarks for the Intel product, not really indicative of any Apple product.
  3. When the internet companies tell you they are just waiting on Chorus to connect the fibre it’s like they are hide and seek champions.
  4. Why else would they wear suits 😕



    1. VegetableStu



  5. Such a shame, Apple Watch chargers are so expensive. I wish they would use the same wireless charging technology as the phones and EarPods etc.
  6. I've got the Baseus charger - how did you get the Apple Watch charger to work? it charges but so slowly, I'm using a Quallcomm 3.0 usb for mine, and i've tried a USB-C charger (from my MacBook charger, so 81W), none of them seem to get it to work properly. Or do you not have the combination charger and its just for the phone.
  7. Ideas For The Day #1


    - nachos but with corn flakes instead of corn chips

    - great that the pain in my sternum has gone (has it?)

    - what if Intel really made a good  graphics card for the money and have the budget to not inflate prices with R&D costs?

    - Operating systems for desktop really all do the same thing these days so why do people say one is better than the other?

    - Make and Ideas For The Day blog that no one reads 

  8. Great news, hopefully this is approved in NZ soon. Still on ADSL2+ at home! Chorus (the internet line company here) is absolutely useless. Can't wait.
  9. True liberty is being able to use your phone with the sound on at home on your toilet 🌍

  10. What kind of ancient device are those AirPods? No AirPods Pro? pff.
  11. I just don't think you can jump to that conclusion without trying them, like I can't comment on the sound quality difference. Simply turning up the volume is just not the same as noise cancellation.
  12. It's definitely not a gimmick, there is a huge difference, I'd encourage you to go to an Apple Store or reseller to try them out. You really dont have to think about charging these products at all, especially when they can charge wirelessly. However, everyone has different ways of listening to music and keeping with the old tech is certainly fine. I wouldn't go out and buy AirPods if you already have acceptable headphones for what you do, and for sure they are for different uses. You wouldn't work out or go for a run with headphones or take them to work. Likewise AirPods Pro are not really applicable for a desk setting or studio.
  13. I haven't tried the DT 770 Pro. My advice always with headphones/earphones is to try them out, everyone likes different eqs. I don't think any brand is better than any other. AirPods for me sound great, very convenient and the noise cancellation really is impressive. The DT 770 Pro may be better sound quality, but I think the AirPods are definitely more convenient - or quite rather a different product for a different situation.
  14. Thats really exceptional, I'll look forward to it. One big feature: Noise cancellation. Super fantastic on the new noice-cancelling airbuds (in general probably but I've only tried the AirPods). I dont even need earmuffs using the lawnmower anymore, just use the AirPods, they really are quite good - better than my Sony headphones by far (although mine are fairly mid-range).
  15. Definitely mountain biking and working out.
  16. going to play some FPS with my gf 



    1. VegetableStu


      ... do firing pistols rapidly work with that? o_o

    2. RorzNZ


      @VegetableStu Yes, its a left click. 

    3. VegetableStu


      wow so 😛😐😛😐😛😐😛😐😛😐😛😐😛😐😛😐 super quickly works? o_o

  17. RorzNZ

    Mac Using AMD??

    I don't know why this keeps cropping up. Thunderbolt is not proprietary to Intel anymore since a wee while ago.
  18. Head Pointer Control - using the camera!!


    @DrMacintosh have you seen this in 10.15.4 😮 


    I've tried it out, its so cool and works great. Theres two modes, one where your head is like a trackpad and you tilt your head to where you want the pointer to go. The other is if you move your head, the cursor will move with it.


    Next step - Minecraft!



    1. lewdicrous


      Good luck with your lectures.

    2. RorzNZ


      thank you!

  19. RorzNZ

    Mac Using AMD??

    I think it more shows their contract is up with Crazy Intel - and Intel will lose a huge chunk! This opens their options up with fitting their low-end laptops with their A-series SoCs - even cheaper and potentially faster.
  20. RorzNZ

    Mac Using AMD??

    macOS 10.15.4 Catalina Beta Contains References To AMD Processors Source: https://ioshacker.com/news/macos-10-15-4-catalina-beta-contains-references-to-amd-processors Perhaps a Mac Mini refresh with APUs, or perhaps a APUs for the 13" lineup - or even a MacBook refresh (which would be more than probable). Not sure how to copy an embed twitter link, but its on the source with the code mentioning the APUs. My Opinion: - Yes please. This has been an ongoing issue where you buy the expensive MacBook and you just don't have the graphics capabilities you deserve. In the higher end MacBooks this just isn't necessary. - Could this open up to Ryzen for MacBooks? - Or Threadripper for the iMac - more profit overhead for the same performance just makes sense to replace the Xeons in the iMac Pro. - Weren't we talking about moving to ARM in 2020?
  21. 10.15.4 out. Can't wait to see what 10.16 brings x

  22. Seymour orthologs



  23. Some guy at the gym with the fake AliExpress AirPods - No noise cancellation at all, like speakers! Had to turn up Katy Perry a little to drown out.

    1. nerdslayer1



      at least he had good taste in music. 


  24. I really love Snickers bars. Its almost healthy? Although pretty much daily I drink Pepsi Max. it's around 50:50 with water rn my sodium is very high.