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Status Updates posted by RorzNZ

  1. Lmao nooo this is real news. 

  2. Honestly how do people hold their wee so long? I’m like a sieve 

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    2. RorzNZ


      I hardly have any sugar. Maybe the salt because I love a lot of salt on my food.

    3. RelativeMono


      have bigger balls

      thats were the pee is stored 🤏

    4. Tech_Dreamer


      N🅱️🅱️🅰️ thats tumor!

  3. fire 




    1. dizmo


      That's what's needed to kill it, yes I agree.

  4. Poem of the day:


    Roses are Red 
    Violets are blue

    Use your indicators and check your blind spot 

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      These romantic verses are a 'head turner'.

    2. ARikozuM


      I'm pretty sure only Toyota drivers know what turn signals are. [sees Toyota driver not using turn signals] We're fucked. 

  5. Why else would they wear suits 😕



    1. VegetableStu



  6. Ideas For The Day #1


    - nachos but with corn flakes instead of corn chips

    - great that the pain in my sternum has gone (has it?)

    - what if Intel really made a good  graphics card for the money and have the budget to not inflate prices with R&D costs?

    - Operating systems for desktop really all do the same thing these days so why do people say one is better than the other?

    - Make and Ideas For The Day blog that no one reads 

  7. True liberty is being able to use your phone with the sound on at home on your toilet 🌍

  8. Congrats 🥳 

  9. going to play some FPS with my gf 



    1. VegetableStu


      ... do firing pistols rapidly work with that? o_o

    2. RorzNZ


      @VegetableStu Yes, its a left click. 

    3. VegetableStu


      wow so 😛😐😛😐😛😐😛😐😛😐😛😐😛😐😛😐 super quickly works? o_o

  10. Head Pointer Control - using the camera!!


    @DrMacintosh have you seen this in 10.15.4 😮 


    I've tried it out, its so cool and works great. Theres two modes, one where your head is like a trackpad and you tilt your head to where you want the pointer to go. The other is if you move your head, the cursor will move with it.


    Next step - Minecraft!



    1. lewdicrous


      Good luck with your lectures.

    2. RorzNZ


      thank you!

  11. 10.15.4 out. Can't wait to see what 10.16 brings x

  12. Seymour orthologs



  13. Some guy at the gym with the fake AliExpress AirPods - No noise cancellation at all, like speakers! Had to turn up Katy Perry a little to drown out.

    1. nerdslayer1



      at least he had good taste in music. 


  14. just ate some SALMON 

    1. Beef Boss

      Beef Boss

      Sounds a little fishy

  15. I am VERY dehydrated 

    1. lewdicrous


      Hydrate my dude

  16. reminder - its closer to 2035 than 1995. 

  17. I sure hope my farm is ok on FarmVille haven't seen it in 10 years 

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    2. RorzNZ


      @minibois I haven't seen mine since 2003

    3. minibois


      My last login must have been 2005.


      Wake up call: your Tamagotichis have all died at this point too

    4. DildorTheDecent


      Nintendogs must be filthy. Or ran away.


      Brain training man has retired.

  18. honestly i get anxiety just breathing

    1. RorzNZ


      Like i know i'm asthmatic but wow I sound like Darth Vader

  19. Downloaded Edge Browser - have to say i'm very impressed and the Office 365 Integration is very welcome.

  20. OMG I hate it when people can't parallel park properly 😡



  21. TDSF would be aimbot



  22. Sequence, primers used for detection and photos of the Wuhan virus.  





  23. So crazy to hear about Kobe. Just remember life can end and begin at any time - always live life to the full and live every moment, whether you're at work, home, outdoors or just mulling around. Really shocking and saddening to hear about someone in their prime just disappear. 

    1. will4623


      says the person on this forum /s

  24. Fun Poll: Chicken Breast or Mince Chilli for dinner. Laugh = Chicken, Agree = Mince. Heart = Spread the love hope everyone has a lovely day.


    Comment if you dislike.

    1. Beef Boss

      Beef Boss

      Salad 🤩

    2. RorzNZ


      @veldora I have salad with most meals, not breakfast. Vitamins and minerals are so nice. Always get my 5+ a day. Excellent suggestion :)