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About RorzNZ

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  • Birthday 1996-07-07

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    New Zealand
  • Interests
    Cars - Mainly car audio
    Computers - Mainly Macintosh
  • Biography
    I am working through a Masters of Clinical Immunology
    Have a Bachelor of Molecular Pathology and Human Genetics
  • Occupation
    Student, Freelance Installer, Labourer


  • CPU
    Intel Core i7 6700HQ
  • Motherboard
    Apple Mainboard
  • RAM
    16GB LPDDR3 2133MHz
  • GPU
    AMD 450
  • Case
    Apple Unibody Chassis
  • Storage
    256GB NVMe SSD
  • PSU
    65W Apple USB-C Charger
  • Display(s)
    Apple Retina Display
  • Keyboard
    Microsoft Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Apple Magic Mouse
  • Sound
    Apple AirPods
  • Operating System
    MacOS 10.14.2 Mojave Developer

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  1. RorzNZ

    Kids these days

    If you live in America, much more than half (just joking because NZ is pretty high up there)
  2. RorzNZ

    How 'OLD' is your pc?

    2016 rMBP w/TB bought in January 2017. Will keep for several more years and see what 2022 brings.
  3. RorzNZ

    New 200,000 core AMD EPYC Rome “Army” Supercomputer

    50,000 gamers 1 CPU lol
  4. Just finished getting eye laser surgery SMILE done. Very cool procedure and well worth a look into. 

    1. 1kv


      This could help me out since my eyesight has been broken by my monitor (there is nothing else to do except use the PC where I am). 

      Thanks for sharing this :) 

  5. RorzNZ

    things most people do but you don't?

    Oh I have a full barista machine. I called it Kevin
  6. RorzNZ

    things most people do but you don't?

    If you get the Belgian got chocolate comes with chocolate sprinkles very fine as a dime
  7. RorzNZ

    things most people do but you don't?

    If ur in the UK it’s Cafe Nero that’s my sugar daddy
  8. RorzNZ

    things most people do but you don't?

    A mocha is a hot chocolate with coffee. A flat white is expressing with milk, a long black is just coffee with water, espresso is a coffee shot. Frappachinos are not coffee but more like milkshakes. A cappachino is two expresso shots and milk.
  9. RorzNZ

    things most people do but you don't?

    Apparently not. IDK maybe they think it’s only for turning when you’re 17
  10. RorzNZ

    things most people do but you don't?

    I’m extremely white, and I love a good Starbucks writing my autobiography while wearing a striped polo and long cargo pants. Always order the vanilla Oreo mochacchino with cinnamon and double shot as well as writing stupid emojis :-)~~. But I also love extremely hot curries. I usually have firecracker chicken or lamb vindaloo extra hot. Sometimes as a snack I eat a whole jar of jalapeños straight from it like popcorn. Wasabi is more like weaksabi to me. Delicious. I also enjoy canned fish and olives - and much to the dismay of many people, Oat and Raisin cookies are my fav.
  11. Just need to talk to more people. Not that simple and I get nervous sometimes, never really goes away. Completely normal. I usually think of a basic outline of what to say and then say it.
  12. Nintendo don’t have the money to give back lol
  13. RorzNZ

    Environmentally safe computer?

    The materials, such as copper/aluminum/silicon etc are recycled. This isn’t a Mac thread so don’t turn it into one.
  14. RorzNZ


    I can cut my iPad in half and give you half?
  15. I have to do this for my glow plugs so I’m pretending not to notice I can’t start when it’s too cold.