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    I am working through a Masters of Clinical Immunology
    Have a Bachelor of Molecular Pathology and Human Genetics
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    Intel Core i9 8950HK
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    Apple Mainboard
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    32GB DDR4 2400MHz
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    Apple Unibody Chassis
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    MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave Developer

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  1. The most GPU intensive thing I use my Mac for is Starcraft 2, so my i9 and 560X is a great combination. I haven’t tried it yet, just use my laptop for iWorks and Excel/Word atm. I buy a Mac simply because it’s the most robust and reliable laptop out there with a safety net of a great free 3 year warranty.
  2. Thought this was another Riley video at first.
  3. floofer

    Intel 9900KS = 5.0 GHz on ALL cores

    They should have but “FX” in front instead. FX9900
  4. floofer

    [LEAKED] Intel Gen11 Graphics Lineup

    I think the high end and low end models will confuse customers a little bit, they might wonder why if they have the same model, they might get substantially better or worse performance.
  5. floofer

    Cheap Steel frame vs Carbon for a Bike

    I’ll be fine, I’m usually pretty safe, but I love getting out there. Depends on your age, weight and height. I’m around 6’1” and 90kg, I used to be a lot stronger, but uni is priority. Being strong is one thing, but if you’re not living as comfortable or as good as you can be, there’s no real win.
  6. floofer

    Cheap Steel frame vs Carbon for a Bike

    Oh I am terrible at injuring myself. It’s a lot easier on pavement (regarding stability at speed) and I can see why you’d have pedals, always assumed for proper foot placement - makes a big difference in efficiency. When you go too fast on gravel, you can’t brake too hard or you’ll start to swerve (I’ve found). It’s not too hard on you when you crash, it’s just a little shock. Best thing is just to keep going or put your toes on the ground to brake without unbalancing (if you want to slow down).
  7. floofer

    Cheap Steel frame vs Carbon for a Bike

    It’s more if I start to lose control downhill, I usually use my feet, as I’m often on gravel, where brakes are ok, but 50-60 gets a little scary.
  8. floofer

    Cheap Steel frame vs Carbon for a Bike

    I need the nice knobby tires I have to go off-road and in gravel. I also don’t want to buy new shoes and pedals, I’m not sure how easy it is to unclip. When I got new tires was a big upgrade. I am slightly interested in buying a road bike, but really i’d prefer to just have the one bike.
  9. floofer

    The FUTURE is... FM Radio??

    Never heard of an iPod or moving your head?
  10. floofer

    Cheap Steel frame vs Carbon for a Bike

    I’m pretty limited by gears, or at least I feel atm. Going to upgrade to 52/40/30-something. Surely all Shimano is Shimano. I can keep up with road bikes for the most part, but I feel the weight of my bike is there. Not to sure about any cardio. My resting heart rate is in the 50s and my lowest for the day is 42. I try and keep fit by running, try to keep 20 minutes sustained at 13km/hr. Trying to put that up, but my diet is a bit rubbish and can only train at night, uni is priority. Training for biking is pretty new to me, so I’ll take any advice I can get
  11. Apk is just a package, doesn’t matter
  12. Why not use an Ubuntu Mobile? Way better traction than proprietary - lest we forget BADA