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    That college dropout music - Everyday leg day, she be too thicc
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    I am working through a Masters of Clinical Immunology
    Have a Bachelor of Molecular Pathology and Human Genetics
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    Intel Core i9 8950HK
  • Motherboard
    Apple Mainboard
  • RAM
    32GB DDR4 2400MHz
  • GPU
    AMD 560X
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    Apple Unibody Chassis
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    512GB NVMe SSD
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    61W Apple USB-C Charger
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    Apple Retina Display
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    Apple Keyboard w/ Touchbar
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    Apple Magic Mouse 2
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    Apple AirPods
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    MacOS 10.15 Catalina Developer Preview 3

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  1. Smart assistants learn based on your interactions, so I’m always polite to Siri. I always say please, and thank you.
  2. Daily reminder that Razer isn’t even second to Apple. Levono is.

  3. I’d be pissed off if all my staff could come up with is a Razer Blade.
  4. DEB04082-526C-4110-B8FE-A84A1D89A0E3.thumb.png.b8584edec82e20f744b54a29eaed9c52.png

    updated my public Twitter (don’t follow just enjoy) 

  5. Realistically - Some new socks and underwear - New TV (its next on my upgrade list) Unrealistically - a life
  6. My barn has its circuit breaker from the 19-somethings. The barn was built before my house, which was in 1920.
  7. So for any of you wondering whether I am enJoying (haha) my new head unit, its really quite good. Worth the money, cheaper than my old Pioneer unit. 



    - Intel Octa-Core

    - 4Gb Ram

    - 64Gb on-board storage. 


    So its an Android unit, comes with a fairly stock Android, with Zlink - so thats wireless CarPlay (all native, no apps or hacks) and Android Auto. So best of worth words. Has a great EQ as well, sounds fairly clean even with the equaliser on. I use an amp for my speakers, so cant comment on its power output (although its 45w x4, so a slight downgrade, but I dont use it anyway). 


    Really excited on what I can do with the Android part, but so far just using CarPlay for now. Will post pics when I get the fascia (no radio I meantime as I dont have Peugeot Planet to code my backup stock head unit). 


    But for now, everything is smooth, even CarPlay, highly responsive. Works great. 


    To note, this is my second CarPlay unit, and everything is still highly responsive, even Siri requests, I really don't know what sort of junk head unit @LinusTech was using when he did his CarPlay review in the new iOS13 video - but its not representative of it at all.  

    1. lewdicrous



      I really don't know what sort of junk head unit @LinusTech was using when he did his CarPlay review in the new iOS13 video

      I think it was an OEM unit that came with that car.

  8. iPhones used to be able to be jailbroken, and then unlocked, through Safari. [EDIT] Just because I've gotten an information react, thank you . I will say, you used to be able to use jailbreakme on safari. You could then unlock through UltraSn0w (Although you should use Redsn0w before using Ultrasn0w).
  9. You play interesting games with a niche approach. Or, have a nice rack. p.s men can have a nice rack too thank you mine is a good example
  10. I’ve seen LTT videos more entertaining
  11. Buying gf

    1. Den-Fi
    2. lewdicrous


      Send link please. Also, do they lease?

    3. Schnoz
  12. I don't think the court quite put it that way.
  13. If you have to say its a joke, its not a joke. He's still making a statement in a public space.