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    When we fall asleep, where do we go?
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    New Zealand
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    I am working through a Masters of Clinical Immunology
    Have a Bachelor of Molecular Pathology and Human Genetics
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    Intel Core i7 6700HQ
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    Apple Mainboard
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    16GB LPDDR3 2133MHz
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    AMD 450
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  1. Same old Apple vs Android or Apple vs PC. All made up reasons. Just get what you want with your money. Everyone else's stuff is their business.
  2. You draw the line where their views are impacting the health of others. It's not exactly a fine line.
  3. floofer

    FULL Performance reviews by Streamers

    Hardware reviewers use systems with enough RAM so it is never a bottleneck. This is much the case for any benchmark system. This allows the card to operate to its fullest extent - you will always be able to see the maximum FPS achievable by the graphics card and can safely say that the card can achieve xxxx fps in a particular game. Typically 32GB would be optimal.
  4. The standard is thunderbolt + mini-displayport, a thunderbolt cable would itself be thunderbolt + DP, however a thunderbolt monitor has a thunderbolt chip that recognises the thunderbolt capability of the port.
  5. floofer

    How much is my rig worth?

    I'd probably pay $700, but lowball for 650 or walk away.
  6. But was it a thunderbolt + DP cable?
  7. Big fan of Billie Eilish rn, unfortunately she's only 17 like how?

    1. 1kv


      Wait, she's 17?

      (I know what you're thinking, it's not like that)

    2. floofer


      idk how anyone can write that stuff and not be able to drink

    3. lewdicrous


      Either had a damaged childhood or has a wild imagination.

  8. floofer

    a good subwoofer is ideal for car music system

    I'm more with you on this than I was before, you don't need subwoofers to have good quality bass. I replaced my speakers (2x RF Punch Component and 2x RF Co-axial) and installed an amplifier (SoundStream 1000.4) to power them and it makes so much of a difference. I'm still getting a subwoofer because I need louder bass - I like a flat EQ because adjusting it just makes the speakers distort too much, the 3 subs will have their own amplifier. I'm looking for straight clean loud sound. If you are using stock speakers however, a stock or basic deck, then don't spend money on a cheap subwoofer or anything like that. Cheap junk never solves anything, and cheap (50-150) subwoofers are just not worth anything. If you don't change your speakers and give them plenty of power, the sound quality sucks. It's a common mistake for people to put in a subwoofer and thinks overpowering bass is good quality - it's just different garbage. Shallow subwoofers are especially garbage and people who buy them don't know how subwoofers work. Generally a combination of Honda/Mitsubishi/Subaru and SONY/Pioneer with Vapes and Snapbacks. Don't be rude when you know full well a low-powered subwoofer isn't going to do anything amazing compared to a woofer. Unless you're pushing high db there's not much point in a subwoofer. For the average joe who wants to listen to Nicki Minaj on the way to work, it's not going to do anything.
  9. Really appreciate in Schools, I believe in Australia, they are going behind the parents and introducing vaccinations at schools - but without parental consent. Great stuff. Recently there was a large outbreak of measles in America, mostly due to non-immunised individuals. I don't mind people and their views, but when it puts people's lives at risk, not just because measles is/was a deadly virus, it can cause an autoimmune condition of encephalitis and even multiple sclerosis later down the track. The most powerful tool the human race has is Education, and these people are pushing the human race further into the past. Disgraceful behaviour.
  10. Two types of treatments: One useful, the other Homeopathy.
  11. floofer

    Who was your Valentine this year and Last year?

    You'll lose, old man. Just need to see a Physio before for my back, and see what my GP thinks of my foot to get the go-ahead.
  12. floofer

    Who was your Valentine this year and Last year?

    Literally keep thinking you're either 15 or 55, there is no in-between.
  13. Gave up on Origin a long time ago, trash service and support.
  14. floofer

    Who was your Valentine this year and Last year?

    Even worse I can't change it back.
  15. floofer

    Who was your Valentine this year and Last year?

    I didn't have any joke handy.