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  1. Bringin Bad luck Brian meme to the new level.


  2. Feel so bad your you :(

  3. Owch that hurts...


  4. bro you must be pissed.

  5. RIP he wont reply dont enjoy your laptop


  6. Enjoy yourRazer! Brought to you by dollar shave club!

  7. I am really hoping he doesn't check his account lmao

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AmandaCardinal


      Yep e got it lol. There will be other contests!

    3. HiB0ss
    4. AmandaCardinal


      Yeeeeah it can suck a lolly, but honestly....losing twice for the same contest would suck even more! Lol besides the end prize is awesome...but there is something about the chase that is oh SO enjoyable!

  8. apparently this guy didnt check his account for the last 2 days. OP should pick someone that chooses the stealth like i did :D. jk he probably will check soon and good luck everyone if he didnt.

    1. Jeinst


      Does the stealth on giveaway includes a Razer Core? Or just the stealth? 

    2. AMIT KUMAR 10

      AMIT KUMAR 10

      just stealth no core

  9. Congratulations bro

  10. Dud is your picture from the arena of saint-Basile? I'm living near that! Cool to see that the winner is so close to were i live :)

  11. Let us know on what you picked and what games you play.