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  1. Should I retake the ACT?

    Thanks. I'm in Canada, actually. So would you recommend going to a Canadian school for undergrad, then? I do have a few pretty good choices here.
  2. Should I retake the ACT?

    My absolute dream would be Stanford, but that has the most competitive admissions in the world and they also don't have a lot of scholarships for international students. A "realistic" school in the US for me would be UPenn. They have a slightly higher acceptance rate than most of the Ivies, and they also offer need-based scholarships for Canadians and Mexicans. I'm not sure how good they are for my intended major (somewhere in STEM, most likely computer science), though. Yeah, I've heard a lot of people say that. But some people also say that the Ivy undergrad experience is generally really good due to how much funding they have. I'd love to study/live in Europe (I'm taking French mostly because of this), but that's even more far-fetched than the US.
  3. Should I retake the ACT?

    Public universities cost something upwards of $30 000/40 000 USD for international students, and scholarships are limited. Many of the top colleges in the US offer need-based scholarships, which is partly why I want to go to the US in the first place. They're so rich that it would actually be cheaper for me to go to say, Yale, than a lot of the public schools here. Most programs in Canada are relatively easy (at least compared to the top schools in the US) to get into, and so I do have a few backup plans in mind. I definitely plan on getting a graduate degree, so it might be better to stay here for undergrad and study abroad for a master's or doctorate. Don't most schools in the US accept both the ACT and SAT? I just took the ACT because it was the only one available in June.
  4. Should I retake the ACT?

    Actually, would it be a good idea to take the SAT instead? I know they give you a lot more time per question, and time was my biggest problem on this test. Then again, I did go in with almost no practice, so I feel like I could do a lot better with time-management next time.
  5. Should I retake the ACT?

    I do believe I have the option of telling them to only send my best scores. I'm not sure how the grade conversion works. I have gotten a few Bs, but that was all in freshman year when I didn't care about my grades. My grades this year are really good, though. I know I need more than good marks and test scores. My activities are probably the weakest part of my application. I basically just took this ACT to see how I did. I'm still not sure if I should even bother applying to American colleges. It looks like my composite score should be suitable for most public universities in the US, but those are hella expensive for people like me. Would it be worth taking the test again in hopes of a 34/35 or should I just not even bother?



    1. dizmo


      It was haaaawt. I had nothing better to do :P

  7. is my tap water safe to drink?

    Normally, yes...maybe not that. @Coaxialgamer said it's fine, though.
  8. Should I retake the ACT?

    Well, it's always been my dream to go to an Ivy, but that isn't very realistic. Most of the schools in the states are just too expensive and/or too hard to get into, even with a good ACT score, especially since I'm an international student. I was thinking of aiming for a 35 just to be safe, but I feel like it might just be better to go to a Canadian school for undergrad and then tryhard for a good graduate program the US instead.
  9. Should I retake the ACT?

    I am genuinely surprised. I went in with almost no prep, and thought I completely bombed it. I was hoping for a 25... I can't believe how well I did on my English. Holy shit. They say that's the easiest section, though. I only got around halfway through my essay, so I'm happy with that score, tbh My math, though...math has always been my best subject in school, but for this I kept overthinking the questions and left like 5 or 10 blank. I also hadn't learned a lot of the stuff they were testing. Should I take it again? For a STEM major, I think I'll have to, just for the math score...would 35 be too ambitious? I'd also need to improve my writing skills. I am in Canada, but it has always been my dream to go to a nice American school. I'm debating whether it's going to be worth it, though.
  10. Anyone have HOI4?

    fuck...just messaged you my name, can you add me?
  11. AOC G2460VQ6

    Looks pretty good to me. Do you have a VESA mount or a stand, though? Cuz this looks pretty shitty
  12. Anyone have HOI4?

    Title says it all. Looking for someone to play with occasionally, and for someone to learn the game from. Please DM or reply with your Steam name.
  13. is luck real?

    Yes, because "work" is what allowed the vast majority of lottery winners to gain millions of dollars over night. Or allowed someone like you or myself to be born to loving, caring families. Or allowed that stage 4 cancer patient to miraculously survive. Free will is an illusion. It does not exist in a scientific context. The notion that anyone can "work" toward anything (meritocracy), then, is also an illusion. You can't expect effort or "hard work" to solve every problem, or anything close to that, for that matter. I would say that the majority of factors that contribute to our "success" or well-being are completely out of the influence of our conscious selves. Luck is just chance. That's all it is. We have "bad luck" if an asteroid suddenly hits our planet and kills all of us because none of us (at least according to our current knowledge) can cause that to happen.
  14. Should I get an ultrawide monitor? Found a deal on a 34" 1440p one for around $410 USD.

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      you should keep your old avatar ^^

    2. Chaos_Sorcerer