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    Computers, Hi-Fi and building things
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    Been using computers since I was 3 years old, and now I'm same age as Linus. Build my first system when I was 10 and have had more computers than most.


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    Intel i5 8600K @5.0 GHz
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    Asus Maximus Code X Z370
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    16 GB Corsair Dominator Platinium CL15 3000MHz
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    Zotac Amp Extreme GTX 1070
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    Lian Li PCV33
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    120GB M2, 1TB HDD, 500GB HDD, 240GB SSD
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    EVGA SuperNova G2 750Watt
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    LG 32GK850 G-sync 165Hz 32"
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    High-end water cooling
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    Logitech G413 Silver
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    Asus ROG Gladius II Origin
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    Roccat Kave XTD Digital 5.1
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit
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  1. Best keyboard for a programmer and gamer

    I have the Logitech G413 Silver, those Romer G keys are the most comfortable I have yet to use (and oh boy, I have almost had as many keyboards as Taran I guess) There are newer variants now, same type of key but with RGB. I like mine because it has white lights and are not distracting
  2. Home Server Build

    I have an old HP Z220 SFF I restored for dirt cheap, using an old Intel SSD for OS, a Hitachi Nas drive and a Seagate Ironwolf drive, both 4TB, as my home server. Running off a G2030 CPU and some ECC RAM. I run a very scaled down version of Windows 10 on it (NO metro apps, no browser, not many of the background processes left), as I needed it to run a few apps I could not find Linux or Nas related alternatives to. Im really happy with it, and also a big part why I did not go for a NAS is that I can always fix the "engine" in a PC in case it breaks down, to fix a broken nas is a whole other story (see Gamers Nexus recent video to see what I mean)
  3. From 1050ti to RX580

    well i usually find it more fun to have a better gpu than cpu, than the other way around. most of the time the gpu costs more and will make the bigger difference, so to get that sorted and later match it with the proper cpu would be what i would do
  4. What PSU to buy?

    Yea I would also recommend the Seasonic Focus Plus Gold, I have one in one of my builds and its a very solid PSU under even the most extreme conditions (mine is in server closet and it is HOT in there) ...oh wait, I have the Prime Gold, but they seem very similar
  5. From 1050ti to RX580

    in general 1050ti vs 580 is a BIG step up, and the $250 seems pretty cheap - what card is that? I dont seem to find it on newegg
  6. Kind of, it's a driver feature nVidia have. They actually explain it themselves pretty well https://www.geforce.com/hardware/technology/dsr/technology
  7. M.2 2280 nvme neec heatsink

    or unless you run it in extreme hot conditions, I have my NVME ssd in a system inside a closed closet full of extreme overclocked components, it gets toasty in there, so there is active cooling to the outside (outdoor air) and a home made active cooler on the actual drive. It works wonders, nothing overheats, but this whole setup is way overkill compared to most usual scenarios, guess you would be just fine without
  8. First Build 1000$ CAD

    Thats funny, I have build a system pretty much just like that a few months back for a friend https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/b/Df29TW It's a solid gaming machine
  9. do you have any other PCIe cards in the machine? As far as I see, the 200R have 7 PCIe slots, so you should be fine
  10. DSR, Dynamic Super Resolution Same concept as this:
  11. I don't understand why you even ask if it will work with the motherboard, why would it not? They are both PCIe, if it only had AGP or PCI32 then you would have been in trouble. Beside that, it's just a matter of measuring or looking up measurements, Im happy to help and all but the link you send gives the answer - Card is H=55 L=293 W=142 mm, case allow L=420mm W=165mm so no worries
  12. Not so many sweet products to show anymore, so im warming up to the actual mod and to restore these old parts. That alone is a whole project... There where no pictues yesterday, so today you get 2 pictures instead to compensate. I have cleaned, put new thermalpaste, new thermalpads and reassembled the 7970 card that is going to be watercooled. Turned out way better than I had hoped! There is a heatwave around here, with a light breeze, so im taking advantage of that and am cleaning the case parts today. Had almost forgot how many parts there is, ohh boy supertower indeed! See you soon for more hardware p0rn
  13. ~$2300 custom loop build?

    ahh makes more sense, was not looking at the links, great is it not this machine LInus also looked at? He seems to like it, but imo a laptop cant compete with the options, upgradability and also the time before getting outdated, as a stationary machine gives you. Looks pretty good by the way what you have pieced together
  14. ~$2300 custom loop build?

    First of all, oh boy thats difficult to read, would help if you separated some of it to be friendlier to our eyes. Beside that, Have I totally lost some crucial part of it- because why on earth are you talking about battery life in the last line of text???
  15. Trifecta! Todays product: XSPC Dual DDC reservoir! Now my plan should be rather obvious.... Triple loop system! GPU + North Bridge + CPU, each on its own pump, own fluid and own radiator. Also, collected this weeks parts into 1 picture, quite the collection.... Did another thing today, disassembled the CORSAIR 800D, oh boy does it have a ton of parts, interlocking, riveted, screwed in. Wonder what I should do to it, but at least its now easier to work on in parts.