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    Been using computers since I was 3 years old, and now I'm same age as Linus. Build my first system when I was 10 and have had more computers than most.


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    Intel i5 8600K @5.0 GHz
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    Asus Maximus Code X Z370
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    16 GB Corsair Dominator Platinium CL15 3000MHz
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    Zotac Amp Extreme GTX 1070
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    Lian Li PCV33
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    120GB M2, 1TB HDD, 500GB HDD, 240GB SSD
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    EVGA SuperNova G2 750Watt
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    LG 32GK850 G-sync 165Hz 32"
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    High-end water cooling
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    Logitech G413 Silver
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    Asus ROG Gladius II Origin
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    Roccat Kave XTD Digital 5.1
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit
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  1. 11th December - build bonus! I just remembered I will have a pretty long day tomorrow so most likely can't do a post, instead why not give you an extra episode today, for tomorrow! This is how the build look at the moment in this story, don't really look like a computer, but that's the point The green light is a Philips Hue lamp and a green table cloth, worked out great See you on Thursday for more
  2. 10th December - holes, holes, holes As I wrote yesterday, I made some holes in the plate... For one, I made a big hole where all the PSU cables will pass trough, it will not be visible in the end so does not matter its kinda big To mount SSDs is always fun, specially if its with hidden cables, I found these pretty clever angled SATA data/power adapters and some power extensions to make this possible Don't mind that the plate split a little when I did the holes, we will fix that another day Follow the calendar to see where we end
  3. By the way, no the button is not scratched, its sawdust and drill dust from all the holes I ended up making in the plate, you see that later how much I actually cut away
  4. 9th December - holes! Then came the day where I started drilling into the rather nicely looking black plate... I am right now actually doing some complicated graphical work for my Sea of Thieves related posts on Instagram and Twitter, so I will keep todays update a bit short. Nothing wrong with the tool as some say... First little hole... ...filled out with one very sweet start button Fun fact, the dude I build this rig for have actually for a while now turned it on using a screwdriver, because somehow the case mounted start button has given up XD See you tomorrow for more casemod shenanigans
  5. 8th December - Cables My alias AT0MAC started back in around 2005 - but this is the first time since then, I have tried to have a package delivered that did not have my actual name on it, instead it was send to AT0MAC XD I really wonder what the mail man must have thought of that... In the package, was the nicest looking PSU extensions I have ever worked with, I have seen a bunch as I build a bunch of PCs through the years, but the colours and materials here is looking almost sexy... Even the packaging is pretty clever, because they are packed like this, they are straight as an arrow when you get them out, no strange turns or twist you need to overcome. Reaper Cable: Colour is Carbon/Billet Grey and match perfectly this build. There is already a teaser picture up on my Instagram and twitter of how they actually look, but you have to wait un till later to see that picture Follow along to tomorrow where more mods will be made
  6. 7th of December - I'm sorry It turned out to be very late Friday before I was in my captains quarters going to bed, so naturally I ended up having a pretty short Saturday where there simply just wasn't enough time for all I needed to do. I'm sorry, but instead you get 2 days today instead of just 1. First, the single picture I told you about the other day: The 5th December I wrote about some kind of shroud to hide the not so nicely looking connections on the PSU. This is a close up of what I build, imo it turned out pretty freaking cool, but lets see what you say later on. It is afterall a "Christmas calendar" so can not show everything now, have to build up suspense to the last few days/episodes. Let's move on to today instead...
  7. 6th of December - Metal! I am from Denmark, it 's over midnight here now, so technically its considered the 6th now I know I will come home very late today, so you get the update now instead. In the last update I mentioned that something was already kind of revealed, so here it is: After I had painted the plate it all will be attached to, the edges don't looks super great, so to give it some character I decided to give it a steel edge! Not yet fully mounted, but the layout is there: A small backstory: I have over 300 pictures of this build, but to sort them out into 24 days and only show the best and most interesting ones is actually a bit of a task. On top of that, I post it to 4 forums, in 2 languages, on Twitter and on Instagram, that alone is more work than what most would think. Im going to show the build almost piece by piece until the last 3-4 days when I start to show how it all goes together, and lastly the big reveal the 23rd of December. I think the result is much better than I would have hoped for, but lets wait and see what you think... For tomorrows update, Saturday, I can tell you there is only 1 picture to show, but it's a pretty cool one of something you see more of later on. On sunday there will be "cable porn" to look at, some of the very nice cables I ended up using from Reaper Cable. Follow my calendar to see how it all goes :9xo
  8. 5th December - more mods There was a PSU shroud in the original case, was pretty useful to keep the kind of ugly connections on the PSU out of sight. To literally think outside the box and re-invent the PSU shroud for a build like this, that was quite the challenge. This is the beginning of what I did: All metal parts have been painted in the same matt black spray paint, even this one, it is almost not visible but the fan grid part is sometimes able to be seen, see later what I mean by that I have used a ton of techniques on this build and so many tools, I've never build a PC that involves this much work before, so let me know what you think later on when you start to see it all come together ...follow the build to see more pieces get done tomorrow :cheers: (there is even a part for tomorrows update that's hinted in these pictures, curious what it is, see that tomorrow)
  9. 4th December - PSU mod Daughter is not feeling well, so yesterdays update got skipped, instead you will get 2 updates today! Let's start in the right order with the 4th of December. Beside the fact that I re-used the motherboard tray, I have also reused the "PSU mounting bracket" from the original case. Also considered to re-use the SSD bracket that used to be part of one of the sides in the original case. Owner of this PC really like wallmounted PCs that have the whole surface covered with carbon foil, but as I'm building this at his expense he did not feel like paying for a huge amount of carbon, those foils get pretty pricy real fast. Instead I found a small scrap piece of carbon foil I have used in another casemod not too long ago and covered the side of the PSU, there where the 5v and 12v sticker normally is. ...enough about the 4th, let me write the more exciting 5th for you
  10. I just remembered, I have not yet said anything about what hardware is in the actual machine: Intel Core i5-7500 3.4 GHz Quad-CoreNZXT Kraken X31Asus STRIX H270F GAMINGCorsair LPX CMK16GX4M2A2400C14 16GB RAMOCZ Trion 100 240 GB SSDIntel 520 240 GB SSDOCZ Agility 3 240 GB SSDGigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 6 GB WINDFORCE OC 6GEVGA SuperNOVA NEX 650 W 80+ Gold3x Swiftech HELIX120BW fansUSB LED strip white lightLong round SATA cablesAngled SATA adaptersRGB LED stripShakmods front panel extensionsReaper Cable carbon/billet cable extensions It was not ment to be upgraded now, only given an overhaul on the look. It's still a very good machine, and actually now even easier to upgrade as there is no case in the way
  11. 3rd December - paint Any casemod tend to have at least some degree of paint involved. In Reaper PC there is more paint than normal, as I had to build up a case from close to nothing. First thing to be painted, the motherboard tray I cut out yesterday so it will be an even matt black: This is what in the end will be "the cabinet" Yea I know, a pretty big piece of wood, but the owner did not like the idea of shrinking it down so had to go big Let's begin ...see you tomorrow for another update
  12. 2. December - "Casemod" It is a casemod afterall, so let the casemods begin! First, a little new tool, I might have burned out my old Dremel, most likely overused it on other projects... Lets take it again from yesterday, this is how the case looked before meeting my Dremel: Aaaand this is how it looked after my Dremel been used: Here you go, 1 piece motherboard tray, recycled: ...follow tomorrow to see what then happens later, it is a calendar afterall
  13. 1st of December - shopping and preparing The very first thing I bought, was the black color for the board the whole thing will be placed on. Decided to buy an outdoor paint, as its tougher and little easier to wipe off in case of cleaning. Bought parts from both the UK, Germany, Netherlands and locally in Denmark, all took a while before the arrived. One of the things I bought was extra long round SATA cables and angled adapters Background light for the board The tiny little details like I even bought black screws, just because they will look nicer If you have not looked on the link from yesterday, this is how the machine looked when I originally build it Next step, a small test to see if the concept about having the rad far away from the pump even worked (it does) Time to strip.... -see more tomorrow :cheers:
  14. Reserved until 23rd of December where the final pictures will be shown right here - follow the "calendar" until reveal
  15. 30th November - planning 1st drawing in Sketchup: Feedback from owner was that it looked really cool, but was too compact. Another little thing he had forgot to tell me, is that he had planned to replace the harddrive with 2 SSDs for an all SSD build - also to again keep it as quiet as death. 2nd drawing in Sketchup: Feedback was that it looked really cool!! ...but a small thing called gravity would probably soon stop me from doing that, the AiO tubes can not be run as neat and the GPU would for sure sag as nothing is really keeping it in place. Also, notice the glow around the frame? My friend would like to have it somewhat backlit 3rd drawing in Sketchup: Very close to the final design, a few tweaks left, mainly because of cable lengths and a few other tid bits to adjust. Result: Follow along tomorrow where I show more of the build process before we reach the actual result