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    CA usa
  • Interests
    computers and stuff
  • Biography
    just a nerd.
    wake up
  • Occupation
    he sells cellphones by the sea-shore


  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    asus rog x99 strix gaming
  • RAM
    g.skill 2400mhz ddr4 128gb (16gbx8)
  • GPU
    gtx 970 (evga waterblock)
  • Case
    Corsair Graphite Series 600T Arctic White Steel
  • Storage
    samsung 850 512gb m.2 intel 520series 240gb samsung 840 pro 240gb 8tb wd red
  • PSU
    raidmax rx-850AE
  • Display(s)
    a399u 39' 4k
  • Cooling
    all custom water
  • Keyboard
    was a nice corsair k70 before i spilled gatoraide in it...
  • Mouse
    razr naga hex
  • Operating System
    win10 soon to be linux with win10 as a virtual box
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  1. kuramakitsune


    Blade 14 because I love some Mobile gaming power! take it down to your friends place and still be able to play some stuff
  2. kuramakitsune

    Tek Syndicate is Burning

  3. kuramakitsune

    Tek Syndicate is Burning

    the onle ive directly linked as he vid, just click it 43:38 if ii recall sorry i just broke my danmed glasses so im fubar
  4. kuramakitsune

    Tek Syndicate is Burning

    lol wat wendel actually did blink s.o.s twice .. lol ok..
  5. kuramakitsune

    Tek Syndicate is Burning

    https://twitter.com/teksyndicate/status/770083192472735744HAHAthe link dont work cos he took the forums down im not trying to stir up shit but that is pretty funny to me
  6. kuramakitsune

    Tek Syndicate is Burning

    why are mommy and daddy fighting ?
  7. kuramakitsune

    Tek Syndicate is Burning

  8. kuramakitsune

    Tek Syndicate is Burning

  9. kuramakitsune

    Tek Syndicate is Burning

    +1 on that but still no concrete proof of anything but believable
  10. kuramakitsune

    Tek Syndicate is Burning

    for sure, prove it
  11. kuramakitsune

    Tek Syndicate is Burning

    i was at work and wading through the fallout trying to figure shit out
  12. kuramakitsune

    Tek Syndicate is Burning

    kurama checking in...
  13. kuramakitsune

    High Download Low upload

    on comcast you get exactly a tenth of your download as upload thats just how they work ive got 200/20
  14. kuramakitsune

    help me turn an old pc into my new security DVR

    anyone ?
  15. i work at a little hole in the wall metropcs, last week a powersurge nailed the store pretty hard and it borked the junky un named dvr system that was used for the security cameras (ive since gave the owner one of my ups systems to sit behind the dvr) tldr, ive got a spair cpu mobo and ram i figure i might as well build a spair pc and turn it into a more worthy DVR camera system we already have like 12 cameras that connect to BNC heads in place already. id prefer to just find some GOOD 30fps per camera recording and playback over 8-12 cameras pci addin cards that will work on an old amd fx 4100 and junker mobo that old vid seems to run off of a "geovision" software and ip cameras if i can get my Existing bnc cameras plugged up to something like that thad be super any help is appreciated trying to do this as cheaply as possible but with the FPS on each camera paramount no sense in having some 15 or 7.5 frames a second and missing someones Face.