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  1. I have the same problem, loads 4x faster on YouTube. Still stupid slow for me. It has a beaurful site and a great layout but man I cant load crap! If vessel person is reading this please respond or fix the problems.
  2. How can you not get followers. Is a so far dope build. Cant wait till the next update.
  3. First 2 are running at 8x and the last one is running at 1x along with the raid card. The last card only runs PhysX and Folding at home. Nether of those will need more than 1x. The raid card is for storage not running the OS off of it. The OS is running off the Intel chipset in Riad 0 with 6 SSD's ( Yes I know they nightlight back up to the raid card and then to my google drive)
  4. Its a PCIE extension. It used the USB 3.0 cable to extend the PCIE 1x with out the need of emi shielding. Coin Miners use it a ton. I get 1.5GB read and 1GB wright on 4x PCIE. I get 1GB read and 800MB write with 1x. Not that big of a hit. Every thing els in my pc will be a bodle neck when it comes to moving files to any other media.
  5. My neck hurts becuase the screens are too big and I need to keep turning my head left and rite. # First world problems. I know my desk is dirty so don't judge me. Too lazy to clean it with the kids running around lol .
  6. Let me see you Ghetto mods that look nice. Here is my ghetto mounted raid card in my 800D. Too cheap to upgrade to 2011 for more PCIe Lanes.
  7. Worked out just fine. Thanks man.
  8. So was any one running fraps. I am using fraps too. I will cut it off and give it a try.
  9. Yea I hate when I pay for games and they don't work. Its almost like the people that Pirate don't have the same problems.
  10. My GTA V keeps crashing after 5 to 15 min of game play. Does not matter if its online or SP. Tried to uninstall the game from my HDD and put it on my SSD Raid to see if it would help and nothing. Running Windows 7 and a Bad ass rig. I know my PC is over the top and can play the game so that is not the problem. I do have the newest Nvidia drivers and I tried SLI and non SLI.
  11. We have a dealership opening in Charlotte NC. So excited about it like I can afford it.
  12. Thanks. Now I need to rob a bank to pay for it lol.
  13. Looking for a good triple monitor stand for my 3 Dell S2740L LCD's. The stand that came with these things are just trash. Most LCD stands only fit 24 inches. Any suggestions out there.
  14. Nope not at all. Just all black people look alike lol.
  15. we are only year apart lol.
  16. OK How do i close the topic. Dont want to get banned.
  17. But there is nothing for sale. Just my dad playing and i wanted people to check him out.
  18. Rely in the off topic section.
  19. Check out my dad killing it on the one's and two's http://www.mixify.com/djdizzidee/live/dj-dizzi-dee-slamn-old-vs-new-skool-joints-feb-08_20-30