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  1. Favorite thing must be that high resolution screen.. Im a unity game developer and i am in need of a new android testing phone
  2. The video is only running at 30 frames. Dont trust me? Right click and get the stat for nerds, you will then see it decodes 30 in about a second.
  3. zahlio

    Facebook Outage

    That is wrong. Twitch uses more bandwidth (because it streams video) then facebook uses. Facebook still is in the top 3 of traffic in the world, and also in the US.
  4. zahlio

    Facebook Outage

    I agree, i only use facebook to keep in contact with old class m8's.
  5. zahlio

    Facebook Outage

    "1.28 billion monthly users" so yeah..
  6. Are you sure that your paths are correct? Also try using the Chrome inspect an element too see what is wrong. If the problem persists, either give us more code, or link the page (last option would be the best).
  7. zahlio

    Wordpress setup - what is MySQL database?

    Contact the company, say you need a mySQL database to run wordpress. Say you need the database name and login credentials. They will know what to do (if they don't, fine another place to host the server).
  8. zahlio

    Any ideas of what I should do?

    Creating a game is usually fun. But what i like doing recently is creating Unity Assets. Its like creating a small part of a game, and then selling it. You can make some money on the side if you end up creating something nice.
  9. Hmm.. Long time since I've done assembly. However i think there is a instruction called LOOP or LOOPE, that loops while cx is either 0 or not (can't remember which one). Hope that helps. EDIT: Also i think the usage of cx to hold an value for the columns is bad practice?
  10. zahlio

    Unity water dribbling effect.

    Im gonna quote some random dude over from the Unity Answers: Source: http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/19182/create-a-water-drop-simulation.html
  11. zahlio

    trying out bots, need help....

    Botting is against almost any games TOS, and therefore also against the LTT's forum conduct. Hint-0: Took me 2 minutes of googling to find what you are looking for. It exists. Hint-1: The fact that you can't find it using google, tells me that you are far from making one yourself. However you could start by reading about DLL injections and the DirectX library. Hint-2: Playing the game the way it's meant to be played, is usually more fun.
  12. zahlio

    Java Question: Need Help

    Please use the code tag Also, cleaning up your code might help (or make it more easy to find the error) public boolean isPoor(double housingCost, double foodCost){ return ((housingCost + (foodCost * size)) > (income / 2));} Also to find the error, using: System.out.println(someValue); helps alot. The problem with your define boolean isPoor; but also it in a method (public boolean isPoor()), simply call isPoor(par1, par2) when you want the result.
  13. zahlio

    unity 2d game with Java

    Use c#, the syntax isn't really that different.
  14. zahlio

    Game engine looking good?

    Looks decent. But coding in java for a graphics engine.... Would recommend writing it in C. But just don't take my word for it, look here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1569559/c-vs-java-for-game-programming
  15. Not quite sure what you want? I think the most easy way is to create an emulation of what is going on. taking the raw military encrypted cyper psiko data from a jet could be hard. Creating an emulation using C# or java could be done in hours.