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  • Birthday January 17

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    Border of Casuallot and Proletarian Lands
  • Interests
    Protecting Casuallot by building the great PC's [Patty Computer's], and maintaining his high cholesterol levels by stuffing his face with all kinds of fantastic foods.
  • Biography
    I am the Fattiest of the Patties third in line to the throne heir to the true king of Casuallot King, Skiles The II. The FattyPatty grew up in Casuallot the wonderful kingdom of food the only and the best. The FattyPatty is from the royal family The Patties and was born true to his blood as he was born with the highest cholesterol of any of the Patties, this is where he gets his royal title of the "Fattiest of the Patties". The Patties are one of 3 royal family's in Casuallot, the filthy Sanders and the most disgraceful of all The Juices. These 3 family's have been in heated rivalry since the dawn of food the family's leaders exist of Skiles King of Casuallot heir to Patty the I, ColonelSanders the I Colonel of Casuallot, and THE JUICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the XXXI. The FattyPatty had a hard time growing up as his father was king and had to deal with all sorts of problems including the great gaming wars between the Proleterians and the Casuals. Since FattyPatty's father was far to busy to raise him and his mother was far to busy working further on her baby fat trying to become Fattier than the Fattiest of the Patties the FattyPatty was taken in by the Bishop of Casuallot Bishop Stan the Skinny. Bishop Stan was a great bishop but was far to slim and was looked down upon by the great familys of Casuallot. In FattyPatty's teen years he had already mastered the art of dunking for KFC that the schools of Casuallot existed of at the age of 14 as you would come to expect of the Fattiest of the Patties. At the age of 16 the FattyPatty was enlisted in the great wars between Casuallot and Proleteria by his father King, Skiles the II. The FattyPatty was in a great many battles all glorious non of the Proleterians could beat his famous BxR in Halo or his proxy hatchery roach spine in his Starcraft days. Most of all none could defeat the FattyPatty's Ultimate ability known as the "The great rolling charge" This is where the FattyPatty rage quits douses himself in gravy and rolls all the legions of both Proletaria and Casuallot down. Due to this ability my father only used me on the front lines as we were losing this war because the Casuals play very Causally and the Proletarians played very Pro-ly. No one could defeat the FattyPatty and his ultimate ability thus King Loki the I signed a peace treaty with Casuallot and to keep the peace we built, " The Earls Great front porch" it was a porch at which had a rocking chair on it built Specially to support the FattyPatty and it was placed at the border between Proletaria and Casuallot to keep the peace and at the age of 26 The Fattiest of the Patties was now known as FattyPatty Earl of Casuallot peace keeper of the lands of food/games and for the rest of his days the FattyPatty sat on his front porch maintaining his high cholesterol by stuffing his face with all kinds of fantastic foods, building the great PC's [Patty Computer's] and gaming.
  • Occupation
    Earl of Casuallot
  1. Epic build! The FattyPatty agrees greatly with your sleeving and wire routing.