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  1. - Update 8 - Time for an update, it's been a busy week. Putting in the last lights in the bottom floor and putting in a floor. I then used a flat blade to get rid of some bumps and what not, I believe it's called planing the surface. Correct me if I'm wrong. It's getting cold in my workspace now that's winter is coming, so I won't be spending hours and hours there, but I'm sure an update every week should be no problem.
  2. - Update 7 - New phone and thus new camera with wider angle lens. I guess the pictures are sharper, maybe? Ground floor ceiling joists are all up, just need to add some lights in the hallway and mechanical room and then it's ready for a the second floor.
  3. lol. No I'm not an ice cream fan at all, I don't eat it much. I get them in bags of 1000. As Samson said, stores like Wal-Mart sell them, but unfortunately we don't have anything like that here, so I order them online. Nope I'm not studying anything at the moment, I'm working fulltime as I was offered a permanent position a couple years ago. Gotta pay the bills. I guess you could say I do like engineering and I have been thinking on doing a study in that field. I've taught myself quite a few skills just by watching videos and trial and error and I like making things or fixing things, but I don't see myself becoming a handyman. My current job doesn't stimulate my creativity much and I know I can do more, but I just haven't found the right study that tickles my fancy or floats my boat, so to speak. I'm always open to suggestions. Thanks for the continued support everyone! I'll post another update later this week, got a lot going on this week.
  4. I had these warm white LEDs laying around from a previous project, didn't feel like buying new ones as I have about 80 laying around still. They're powered by a 9V AC to DC converter, but you can power them off of a 9V battery if necessary I suppose. There are 3 LEDs in series, with a 180 Ohm resistor and a switch.
  5. - Update 6 - And then there was light. I figured I'd try my skills on the little overhang since it's easily accessible and it ended up working great. They're not super bright, but when it's dark they light up just enough to see everything. Doing the ceiling was a pain in the rear end, so I ended up turning the whole thing on it's side so slap the sticks on the ceiling without them falling off seconds later.
  6. Yup, LEDs throughout wired up with switches so you can light up individual rooms. I've been testing for a while but I have a general idea of what I want to do.
  7. - Update 5 - Finishing up the wall cladding on the downstairs. The room in the far corner is a mechanical room sort of thing and will have no interior cladding. That will also be the room where all the wiring for the lighting will come together. In the front you'll see some cantilevered sticks sticking out to carry the bay that sticks out on the floor above.
  8. - Update 4 - Thanks for the continued support guys, here's another update. Finishing up the stairs and cladding some more walls.
  9. - Update 3 - Time for more inside wall cladding, but first some stairs have to go in. Putting them in after the fact would be a pain.
  10. Haha can't disagree with that. These wannabe birch wood sticks can be quite a pain in the ass to work with. They're pretty easy to bend and none of them are perfectly straight to begin with. I may try to improve my headers by actually plying some sticks and letting it rest on the jack studs like they should, but then again, it's not like it's actually carrying a whole lot of weight. The glue holds it all together surprisingly well.
  11. Thanks for the encouragement guys! The wooden sticks themselves are pretty cheap, the glue sticks are actually the biggest expense. Painting is not my strong suit tbh, I might sand it and give it a coat of clear varnish or what not. Definitely true. Can't say my girlfriend likes the project, as it does take quite a bit of time.
  12. - Update 2 - Interior walls going up, garage is first. Last picture is a view from the outside. Tidied up the electrical on the back wall, no more cables running all over.
  13. - Update 1 - The base has been cut from a piece of scrap wood I had lying around and I also made a jig to make my life easier when building the wall sections. Floorplan is transferred to the base plate with pencil marks. Walls are up for the ground floor, which ended up surprisingly straight. All walls get a double top plate for solidity and strength. And yes, I do have plans to clean up my workbench and finish the electrical work. Closeup of the hallway looking through the front door. Questions, comments and ideas are welcome as always.
  14. Howdy folks, Back when I lived with my parents I was working on a popsicle stick house, but I had to get rid of it since there was no space to put it in my new apartment. Now that I have a workbench in my shed, I can finally do some building projects I've been wanting to do for a while and a popsicle stick model house is one of them. Building and designing things from scratch is a hobby I guess, it helps me clear my head and allows me to be creative. Along the way I'm gonna take pictures and I figured I'd make a post here to have others enjoy my project, get feedback and comments, ideas, etc. I'm building this to a 1:24 scale, kinda, I think. 1 inch = 2 feet. I use the metric system on a daily basis, better yet, I don't even have a ruler with inches on it. Anyways, 4cm is about a meter and building with wooden popsicle sticks is not that accurate anyway. A fully built wall is about 4.5 inches tall, so 9 ft, which I believe is a decent ceiling height. All doors are 3.5 inches tall, which translates to 7 ft. I intend on putting LED lighting in this house and powering them off of little solar panels I will stick to the roof. I guess it would also be fun to get a small LCD screen, say 2 inches diagonally and use that as a miniature TV that can actually display something. Just my imagination running wild here. I've got LEDs laying around somewhere, plenty of resistors, heat shrink and thin gauge wire. I know electronics basics, so should be able to get some lights working. As a base I'll be using a 3/4" (18mm) piece of particle board and I'm glueing it all together with a hot glue gun and a shitload of those glue cartridges. As far as design goes, I used SketchUp to mock up a model of what I intend to make. This is subject to change though as the build progresses and ideas flow through my head. It's a modern build, I guess. My idea with this build was a house on a hill, where the back of the house is pretty much against the hill with a steep slope front to back. This picture resembles my idea somewhat. Ground floor consists of a 2 car garage and on the right from front to back: entry with stairs going up, hallway, utility room/storage room. Upper floor has stairs coming up on the bottom right to a landing, gap in the wall to a kitchen/living area, two bedrooms and a bathroom up top. Above this floor is an attic space, which could be a home office or guest bedroom of sorts. Comments and ideas are always welcome of course. I'll be updating the thread with pictures as the build progresses.
  15. AFAIK color accuracy is handled by the output capabilities of your monitor. Any modern computer can output colors in whichever way you set it in the operating system, but most monitors have a 'limited' range of displayable colors.