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    Intel Core i7 2600K
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    Asus IV Extreme-Z
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    G.Skill F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL (x2 for 16GB total)
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    Corsair 900D

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  1. I have not tried yet. Just thought maybe I can find the cable. I will though. I can continue with the build, just won’t have rgb fans for a bit lol. I guess that controller, (I did see it in my initial search for the cable) I can just replace the entire controller to that one?
  2. Hello all, hopefully it’s possible to find. I recently purchased a thermaltake level 20 GT argb case. I finally got to building my pc. Now I’m missing the the MB Signal Bridge Cable (asus). It’s to connect the controller to the motherboard. I guess the pc case wasn’t factory sealed from the store. (The employee assured me it was never opened. I’m actually missing a spare key too, but not a big deal. I live 4 hours away from the store.) This case was difficult to find in stock. I want to keep it. So maybe it’s possible to find the cable online somewhere.
  3. For my new build, ill be using thermatake level 20 gt argb. i want to mount the gpu vertically. i notice thermaltake currently sells riser cables in 200 mm and 300 mm. not too sure what length to get. thanks
  4. yes. this where I found the idea. I would like to know if there is a longer cable than the Lian-Li one.
  5. Hi all, So, Ive settled on a new case (new to me anyways). The Level 20 GT ARGB (CA-1K9-00F1WN-02). I notice that the front I/O is just usb 3.0/3.1. I was wondering if there was a cable manufacturer that makes a cable go from the motherboard USB 3.2 gen 2 to USB type C female. I would like to retrofit it to the case. The motherboard is the Asus Extreme XII Hero (wifi), which is able to accept the usb 3.2 gen 2 plug. Ive attached a picture for what I am looking for. I would like a bit of a longer one. I would like to use that port to it full potential. Im am not sure if I am asking this right, so sorry if I have the names wrong. I don't know what the proper name for it even is. Hopefully it makes sense.
  6. So update: I tried unplugging and plugging in the battery. It didnt do anything. So basically the laptop wont boot all the time. I was able to get into windows twice, after many tries of just trying to power it on. I have yet to do so again. Any suggestions?
  7. I did try the CMOS and BIOS tricks. Didn't work. This board has been giving me weird problems every so often. I'm just getting frustrated now because of the USB ports. I use this PC mainly for music recording, so I need everything to be solid. I would hate for it to crap-out during a recording or whatnot. For now, I want to get it working. But maybe if the price is right, I'll upgrade everything. I do want to get a workstation grade motherboard by asus. I don't overclock anymore. I just need reliability.
  8. hey all, so im pretty sure my motherboard is done. Im having a lot of issues with it. biggest issue is the usb 3.0 ports dont work on it for some reason. After trying to re-install USB drivers, the PC froze. No BSOD or anything. Just froze. I shut the PC off, now, the for some reason I cannot boot into windows. It keeps telling me to press F1 to enter setup. I do that, hit "save" and keeps looping back to that. nonetheless, i would like to get new new mobo. I feel like its dead. currently i have an Asus maximus IV extreme-z, with an intel 2600k. I dont want to upgrade everything. Is it possible to buy a new motherboard that supports the 2600K? Or am I better off upgrading everything at this point? (CPU, Mobo, RAM)