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  1. Hey all. Got this board a little bit ago (but past warranty) as a surprise gift from my wife along with a 3700x. I honestly love the system and had REALLY helped during the pandemic with all the videos i had to make for uni. My problem is that the moment I take the board off of *any* stock settings, any boot after a shut down will go to the screen showing I don't have an OS.... however, after going into the BIOS and save/quitting, it'll boot normally. I configured the boot menu normally and let the board use defaults. I've updated the BIOS, let the board keep my drives as hot-swappable (which bugs me for some reason). Out of ideas to troubleshoot. Any ideas or recommendations? note: not concerned about the OC settings or anything... just this very weird boot issue.
  2. Hi all, Just moved into a new apartment and the wiring is... less than optimal. Unfortunately I left my previous extender at my old place but do have splitters that I found. In the past i found that splitters (even with the other *out* end not connected to anything) hindered my connection compared to direct//direct with extension. The current splitter I have is a Commscope(?) that has an In, 6dB out, and 2.8dB out. should i just get a cheap extender or use this splitter thing? does the dB matter?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm currently using Logitech z506 speakers connected with the 3.5mm (3x) cables to a converter box to TOSLINK to my TV for 5.1 audio. My other option for audio is a Samsung HW-J355 2.1 "surround" sound bar (also TOSLINK). My question is this: would it be viable to get a HDMI ARC to TOSLINK adapted (ex., Sonos adapter) for better audio? I CANNOT afford any large purchases with all that's been going on, so if I can make a minor incremental upgrade before diving deep, I'd prefer to do so when i have considerable amount of money to spend. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi everyone, What would be a decent pair of headphones for gaming?... or would going back to a headset be more worth it? I've been using a cheap pair of semi-open AKG K240-styled headphones. They're okay but ever since giving my Corsair Void Pro RGB to a friend/roommate (our cat chewed through his headset cord...), I've felt like the sound isn't completely there? I hook up anything I use through my Blue Yeti and cannot afford a decent DAC or anything. Just want to get the most out of what I have for under $100 if possible.
  5. Hi everyone I've seen various things that showed this is possible, but I don't seem to get the Advanced Picture Options to turn Game Mode on. Could this be because of the HDMI I'm using? My PC is super close to the TV and would prefer to gaming on it by plugging it in directly rather than use the steam link (roommate prefer not to drag their systems to the living room). Any help would be appreciated. Just want to get the best performance possible out of this thing now that I have time to play games.
  6. Hi everyone After nearly losing all my graduate coursework after a windows update and *blamed* by the Microsoft technician.... I decided to move onto another Linux. I've been playing around (with the little ime i had) with Pop OS. I know that SteamOS is an option and that Ubuntu GamePack is mentioned a lot, but I wanted to know what might be a good Distro to primarily game and stream, but also do some video editing, Zoom, and report writing? Or at least recommend resources for more info about the main distros. Note: I like PopOS because it does seem user friendly, but find that games that I do want to play don't work despite proton or Litrus (Monster Hunter, primarily). Also unsure if my Elgato HD60 Pro has any drivers for Linux.
  7. sorry for not clarifying. windows 03-2020 update... and the drive just disappeared AGAIN today.
  8. Like the title said, my drives were completely wiped after updating (which worked fine on my laptop). Are there any recommendations on how to recover my data on my other drives (C drive was the only one that was intact)? Any free software?
  9. I think some webinar software platforms work in the same way, but you're right... they cost money. Video is the main component for one of the courses, so somehow allowing the students to use their camera but show them when they're talking? It's just a lot with about 20ish students and older faculty members.
  10. I was thinking discord. I haven't gotten clarificatiion if they want a text chat window. Does discord have a limit of people that it can have on video chat (this is a requirement for one faculty member, unfortunately)?
  11. Hi everyone, I'm trying to assist my department at my university to setup a solid platform to deliver decent online classes. These classes are NEVER online and need to meet a few requirements: 1) FREE (we cant afford anything else after textbooks) 2) Can hold at least 20-25 people 3) User friendly (my department are NOT techies...) -OPTIONAL- ~ can be accessed with our phones. We have Zoom currently, but it has given us some problems. Any information would be extremely helpful and appreciated!
  12. Hi everyone, Upgraded my system and now experiencing my drives being read as external? I did *not* format them because I wanted to keep my data/games from those other drives (NOT boot//C drive). They show up like this: I also went to Device Manager > Right clicked my drive & Properties > unchecked *Enable write caching on this device* and thought enabling Quick Removal would help, but nothing... Any thoughts on how to change this? (went from a 6700k to 3700x for both gaming and video editing/rendering production)
  13. Rig: 6700k @ 4.6, 1080ti, TridentZ RGB @ 3200 (rated for 3600), 650w gold corsair cpu, etc... Got my friend a 3600 for Christmas because his 1600 was having weird issues (pretty sure he broke or bent a pin) but it feels oddly better than my 6700k after all the new BIOS and microcode updates. Been only really able to compare in 1080p but really wish i could compare in 1440p 144hz. After watching GN's new video, feeling it more than ever. any of you feel like it's time to upgrade?
  14. I'll need to check. it's not just the one game though. several games i usually don't have issues with. also, does it matter that they're both 144hz?
  15. Hey all, I've been dropping frames and had... weird issues when playing games (the game will freeze when accidentally moving the cursor to the other screen). Nothing super major, but wanted to see if there's anything I can do to fix it. do both monitors need to scale through gpu? physx on cpu or gpu?