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  1. Update: it worked , when clearing my cmos with the radeon it didn't work, when clearing the cmos again with the 980TI it worked
  2. Hello, so I've built my pc but I get the error 64 on my motherboard LED debug thingy. All fans do spin. Here are my specs: - I7 5820K at stock - Corsair Dominator Platinum 32 GB at stock (4 sticks of 8GB) - MSI X99S Gaming ACK motherboard - MSI GTX 980TI Gaming 6G - 2 120GB ssd's from kingston - 1 128GB Samsung 850 Pro - 1 M.2 Samsung 950 pro 520GB - Corsair AX1200i PSU - Thermaltake water 3.0 Ultimate - 1TB WD black HDD - Razer Deathadder chroma (mouse) - Razer BlackWidow chroma (keyboard) - CoolerMaster HAF X What I've tried: - Tried to boot with 1 stick of Ram - Removed the cpu and did it back in - Putting an old Radeon 4850 in it, the LED said code 30 instead of code 64, but my screen showed nothing. Was busy with school so I left it, booted my system again and the code was "64" again. - Tried to boot only with my DVI cable, so I left all the other I/O cables unplugged (no keyboard, no mouse). - Cleared cmos by removing the battery Picture of my setup: (cable management will be done after I made sure it works) Picture of the error: In the manual of my motherboard, it says this for the Debug code: "Late CPU Initialization. I hope I have given enough information, I'll update this thread if I find the solution, so others who encounter the same issue can find the solution here. I'll check this thread every day. Thank you. (Sorry for any spelling/ grammatical errors, English isn't my native language).
  3. Daily bump, anyone who might know a fix? Thanks in advance.
  4. ye I knew it was just a suggestion, and idk, I might take a look but I'm a bit busy.
  5. This sector is specifically for help, so if I post it here, not only would I target more people and might find someone who knows how to fix it faster, if it gets fixed, everyone who masters the English language can try this too instead of only durchies. But thanks for the suggestion.
  6. Hello everyone, I bought a card reader so I could do some government stuff. It's the following device: Logon LCR002 - Smart Card Reader (a picture of the product (warning large image)) So the driver cd said to plug the reader in before installing the drivers on the disc. I did that, when I plugged it in, it gave me this error: which means "The usb device isn't recognized The latest usb-device you plugged in on this pc, has caused a failure. Windows doesn't recognize this device anymore." I thought it would be fine if I installed the drivers, so I did, but it didn't work so I installed the ones from the site, same result, I also tried to uninstall and reinstall them, plug it after installing the devices and uninstalling it in the device manager. I've also tried to plug it in other usb ports. In device manager it looks like this: "Unknown USB-device (request for device descriptor failed) " In details it looks like this: In the Device status it says: "The device has stopped because problems have been reported (Code 43) A request for the USB device descriptor failed." Under device description: "Unknown USB-device (request for device descriptor failed)" Under hardware-ID: Also I have restarted my system a few times, updated, uninstalled drivers and reinstalled them. First time I have used this card reader. It's a laptop with a core i3, amd graphics and it has Windows 10 installed (64 bit version). Anyone who knows how to fix it? Thanks a lot.
  7. I like the power supply the most because the beautiful red accents and the silent fan. Thanks btw for this giveaway and good luck to everyone.
  8. My favorite part of the notebook is the look. Black + red = heaven. And also the IPS display is a nice feature.
  9. My favorite thing about the lg g3 are the software features, I'm running the sense 6 rom on my one mini, and there are really some features that I am jealous of like multi window etc.
  10. That awkward moment when you still have a g210 and you search for a job because you want money for a better system but nobody wants you (it is probably because I only searched for 1 day) and that those cards are still better
  11. I like the most the design and the build quality. My mom bought a galaxy s4 and for a phone that costs so high I expected a premium feel. But it was only a slippy plastic feel. I have a HTC one mini and it feels so good in my hand. Also the boomspeakers. However my one mini has smaller holes it is still better then ANY phone except the big brothers from HTC (one, one max, one m8). The speakers are loud enough and clear enough that it actually sound better then my 20€ earphones from Philips. HTC sense was for me the os. I used many roms and after every rom doesn't had that balance between simplicity and customizable I had to switch back to sense. No other phone gave me that sweet spot. And definitely TouchWiz not. Click that "gir*ffe" link or otherwise your parents will buy a galaxy instead of this phone if you don't win.
  12. If you are the real one, post on twitter: Zied is awesome and Daniel is a zemmel. And if you are the real one, I'm already following you. If you are the real one, you are one of my favorite youtubers.
  13. Bumping it up if that is allowed. Can anybody help please. Also quick update. I will buy a 4930k instead of the 4770k. I purchased 2 corsair 120mm sp fans (Airflow edition). I think I would stick with a 240mm radiator.