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    FX 8350
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    Crosshair V Formula-Z
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    16GB Corsair Vengence DDR3
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    GTX 980
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    Antec Illusion 300
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    WD Black 2TB
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    Thermaltake 850W Full-modular (i know it's overkill, i didn't buy it)
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    Samsung 4k 60HZ and ASUS 1080p 60Hz
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    Cougar Hydraulic Bearing Fans
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    Corsair Strafe RGB Silent
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    Razer Naga Epic Chroma
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    Creative GigaWorks T20
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    Winderps 7 Home

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  1. i don't see why not
  2. i would definitely say the benefit wouldn't be noticeable and to instead run the game from an SSD if you really want to improve load times
  3. true but joking answer: yes, since the battery was manufactured actual answer: it depends on how the power is managed by the device and since you say you plug it in every night, i can't think of what would cause it other than software updates and bad power management. here's the rate of degradation of a lithium ion battery based upon charging cycles. generally speaking though the life span of a Li-ion battery is 3 years give or take a few months.
  5. then i would suggest having 2 fans side-by-side on 2 sides of the case instead of 4 on the bottom and top, this way you wouldn't have to fight against the parts themselves to get good airflow, i would still say passive would be a good idea, and you would be left with something that looks like this..
  6. yes there is UNC paths you can use \\computername\C$\folder\folder and browse their PC to your hearts content. you can also use a VTC program like LogMeIn/TeamViewer/LANDesk generally they let the end user know that there is someone there but you can change the settings to not notify them but they all have to have the client installed and costs $$ but in the end saves time it's mainly a professional courtesy, some companies have policies against just randomly logging in because of some unruly IT people who're just rude (they exist) you would have to install programs, windows notifies regardless and the user has to approve. you could use powershell but i'm not a scripting guy so i couldn't tell you what it is you would need to do, i just know it's doable. you shouldn't ever need their passwords since you stated you're the admin this is incorrect it is not illegal (in the US at least) because there are a great many court rulings thanks to non-tech informed people in the court cases that ruled anything done on computers in a company is owned by the company and there is no explicit implication or expectation of privacy when using company computers or even your own computer inside company property. against company policies, depends on your company but not illegal
  7. not likely as this would severely limit the economy as your money would be a commodity that has a practical use in the world. what would happen though is the values of the metals in the asteroid would plummet due to a saturation of the market. i think that's pretty much all that would happen
  8. not really, as it stands right now no currency has a value backed by something in the real world (Gold/Silver standard) Russia is trying to change that but as it stands most currency is based on the dollar so the only reason right now that any currency has a value is because we think it does, or because we think one currency is more valuable than another. This started because the US was the only major country that wasn't leveled by WWII, also most of our allies owed us from the lend lease program, countries started trading their gold in for dollars just in case their own currency goes belly up and to make exchanges with other countries. which lead to a great deal of countries having their money coincidentally backed by the US dollar which at the time was still under the gold standard. then came our costly wars and a great many countries making exchange deals with our currency we removed the gold standard in i think 1976 because it was limiting the economy and everyone just stuck with the dollar and that's how we got to where we are.
  9. here's the support page for what i think your motherboard is based on your description. you'll just have to download the most recent BIOS version and then run it and after it's done see if that fixed any of your problems
  10. this would most likely requires a BIOS update, not necessarily because of Win10
  11. The reason why this happens is because your license for Windows 10 is tied to hardware IDs generated by the parts of your system. so what this means is that if you change enough parts or enough key parts of the system the licensing considers your machine an new computer and would have to go through this processs
  12. what you could do is mount the motherboard vertically, same with the PSU and have them both passive cooled making sure the fins for the coolers also run vertically so that you would get the most effective cooling from your fins
  13. it's a neat concept, the concerning thing would be how the fans would mount to the case. would they slide into a cage to make them easier to insert/remove? would they have mounting brackets on the bottom for them to fit into and screw in? and i would say you would need a good 1/4 in. to 1/2in gap between the case and the ground so that may get in the way of the fan mounting depending on how it's setup. many details to iron out but it could be neat in the end. especially if you can manage to put in dust filters somehow. also if you have the air flowing up you would be overpowering the CPU cooler's fan and it won't cool as effectively i would recommend having the air flow down instead of up so your CPU fan wouldn't be fighting the case fans. unless you're going to have a passive cooler on top of the CPU then this is all moot
  14. wood 12 jk silver 3, because I don't play comp much