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  1. Hi Everyone! Will installing a Seagate 16TB HDD in most external enclosures be OK? Many enclosures state max storage like 8TB or 12TB. These are the products in questions: HDD: https://www.newegg.com/seagate-ironwolf-st16000vn001-16tb/p/N82E16822184805?Item=N82E16822184805 Enclosure: https://www.newegg.com/orico-3139c3-us-cr-enclosure/p/0VN-0003-00134?Item=9SIA1DS5R89228 Enclosure states max 8TB on Newegg but on the manufactures website it states 12TB. So I am assuming 16TB would also be fine. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks very much!!!
  2. I'm having a slight issue with the amount of static noise coming from my motherboard audio. It's only audible on my fairly professional grade speakers and not in my headphones. I notice a definite increase in static when I perform any CPU intensive task, yet the motherboard boasts having "separated PCB layers to minimize interference". Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97MX Gaming 5 Speakers: Behringer Truth B1030A Headphones: AKG K701 Thanks for any insight! Most of the stuff I find online is very simple troubleshooting, but this is DEFINATELY and issue with the motherboard sound or interference happening on the board. Power to the speakers are separate from the rest..
  3. I haven't had access to Floatplane for over a week. Does anyone answer the tickets?
  4. Unfortunately I still don't have access after 4 days of sending a ticket to the email. I hope that I will have access during the weekend.
  5. Yeah I was going to buy a H97 but the 4 pin cpu power wasn't going to cut it
  6. Hey everyone, I was hoping someone on the forums would know a good online retailer that ships to the EU. The item I'm looking for is a Z97-ITX motherboard that so far has eluded me in my search. Unfortunately, frequent visits to eBay, Amazon, Newegg, etc leave me unsatisfied with no stock or defective boards. Really could use some advice on how to find these boards?
  7. That's kinda what I was thinking. It's nice to see what other people think on this. I feel much more safe to disassemble my system. Thank You Everyone !!!
  8. Hey Everyone, I'm new here and have a question about transporting hard drives in a RAID. I'm moving overseas and I want to remove my hard drives from my RAID 0 to make sure they are not damaged in transportation. Can I remove the HDD's and install them back in the same SATA ports without issues? I'm using RAID controller on-board my Gigabyte motherboard and some Intel RST "stuff". Not sure if I'm allowed to ask questions like this on LTT Forums, but I would appreciate any clarification.
  9. Hey there, new to the forum. This giveaway looks fantastic. I used to use a short throw projector in the garage at my house where my friends and I would play games on a ps3 and drink the night away. Had to give it back to my school though after a couple of years once they figured out I was using there projector at home