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  1. It depends what tests you are running if you can run them from low power machines probably Linux you could get 50 cheap linodes or AWS machines and run them from there. That might be cheaper than VPNs And connecting through VPNs will create different connections to the site if they use different VPN end points. Different VPN providers or target locations, like choosing different countries, will show as different IPs. That seems like a lot of hassle though i guess it depends on the requirements
  2. Sadly I don't think this will help you. The address that is shown to the server is most likely the public IP address of the router your host PC is connected to. Using bridged adapter will just give the VMs unique IP addresses on the LAN side of your router, these will still be translated using NAT and the server will see the routers IP just as before EDIT: The only way to get the server to see more IPs is to have more public IPs (VPNs or SSH tunnels, both of which require a computer to connect to, that someone has to pay for) or IPs on the same network as the server. If you could get a computer on the same network as the server you could use the bridged adapter technique as you would be able to make many IPs on the local network.
  3. With most port forwarding you can just cheat, you don't have to actually change the port the server is running on. You can set the port to be forwarded to be say 8080 and have it forward to 443 on the machine. In my router you set the "remote port" to say 8080 and the "local port" to 443 This does mean that anyone who wants to connect the the server will need to know the forwarded port and append it to the web address, so its probably best to do this with the exchange server or you can as previously mentioned set up a redirect on your web server which will append the port for them
  4. Yeah i use an Asus router instead of the BT one because the wireless on the BT one isnt strong enough to cover the whole house. I find there are other benefits too. The web console for ISP routers is normally really bad and hard to use, I remember struggling to enable port forwarding on my old sky router. If this is a problem though you can use the ISP router to connect the 3rd party one to the internet and then use the new one for your LAN to get the features of the 3rd party one for your local devices.
  5. I know a few people who use them and have no problems. Obviously depends on the rest of your system but it should be fine.
  6. Is the card used or new. Gigabyte typically offer a much longer warranty. So I would not buy a NEW card with only a 3 month warranty even if it was slightly cheaper. EDIT: I have found some retailers that call this a mining card. That might be why they are offering such a short warranty. This card will game just like any other 3GB 1060 though.
  7. Right click on the volume symbol in the bottom right of windows and press playback devices
  8. Front facing speakers, more phones need them.
  9. My nexus 5 has really badly positioned and easy to press side buttons. This does not!
  10. I will make sure I play a game in the trial so I get beta access and if it is good I will play a lot, because I play a lot of DOTA but I like the look of Strife
  11. I signed up for the Strife trial account so I could try it on the open weekend (28 FEB -02 MAR) and recieved an email today saying if I played a game in the trial weekend i would be granted permanent beta access. Just wondered if anyone else had signed up and recieved the same email.
  12. Sign up for the Steam family sharing beta, if you get in you can give other accounts access to your games. You can use them for as long as you want as long as the other account is offline.
  13. I am running a single WD 2TB internal drive, a 1TB NAS which has 2 1TB drives in raid 1. I also have a WD 1TB my passport. I bought the NAS to backup important data from my PC, it has 2 1TB drives because I don't need much storage to backup my important stuff and the seagate 1TB drives were VERY cheap at the time. i have the my passport because when it is very useful to produce a backup of someones hard drive before disassembling their PC and the my passport is physically small.
  14. I personally agree that 99% of the time short tubing runs look amazing and i think this it works well in this build. The only thing i would change would be to put the tube from the graphics card in front of the power cables.
  15. Still the twentieth in the UK Happy Birthday Linus
  16. Thank you!! i will leave you now to watch the WAN show if they get it working this week
  17. My entry I really need to improve my steam library and will probably end up doing it win or lose
  18. You will probably find some people who say linux is the best but windows server is awesome and so easy to use, which linux is not if you have no experience on it like me.
  19. Windows server was definitely the right choice because it is so good. If you ever decide to give your server a new purpose you wont have to wipe it and start again you can just add the features. its only a server once it is configured he will probably remove the monitor anyway
  20. Yes i agree this is a very nice build and changing the front middle fan looks awesome