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  1. My biggest issue with gacha/loot boxes in games is the fact that I can neither buy directly the item with in-game/real money or trade for it with other players, usually at best you get bonuses for duplicates or number of draws but they are often really badly balanced to make harder to get the items. I wouldn't mind the gambling as much if it was an option and not a requirement to get the items, for example if 10 rolls on the gacha costs 3000 in-game currency, I would like to get the option to buy the item I want for 2000~5000 depending on the rarity. I had a really bad experience with gambling with games that even after getting over 100 rolls(farmed them, didn't buy it), I still wasn't able to get the one i wanted, and the bonus for rolling a lot which in this case would be the ability to choose the drop you get, needed over 300 rolls and that I believe I calculated it would cost $750+, as the ~100 rolls I did were equivalent to something around $250.
  2. Using a $1200 GPU that is less than 40% faster than a $400 one isn't a great way to try to estimate what would be on the consoles. They probably won't be as fast as the 2080Ti, but it won't be slower than the 5700XT, so not that far from the 2080Ti.
  3. The cheapest you should get would be the RX570(~$130), other good options are the 1650 Super(~$160) 1660/1660 Super(~$200/$230) and maybe the 5600XT but it is a bit over $250 usually at $270 with some sales putting it closer to $250. With the exception of the RX570, all GPUs mentioned should be at least ~100% faster than the 1050 on average with the 5600XT being about ~200% faster.
  4. Basically buying a new PC. The problems with GTA might be partially software related, but the performance will be bad regardless of that. No, you should consider buying a modern CPU(which would require new motherboard and ram), and I kinda hope you didn't pay more than $100 for that 1050Ti.
  5. Then ignore the memory I put there, there's no reason to upgrade ram and the one I added isn't really better than yours.
  6. PCPartPicker Part List CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor ($273.47 @ Amazon) Motherboard: MSI B550-A PRO ATX AM4 Motherboard ($139.99 @ B&H) Memory: Team T-FORCE VULCAN TUF Gaming Allian 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory ($57.99 @ Newegg) Total: $471.45 Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-06-26 07:02 EDT-0400 The CPU depends on what you're doing, so I put the 3700X as a place holder, if you need more cores for productivity then go for the 3900X or 3950X, if you need less then the 3600 would be a cheaper option, naturally the 3700X itself is a good option too. The motherboard should be decent but is also kinda of a placeholder, as you're the one that knows what features you want, so check what motherboard got the features you need/want and possibly ask for the quality of the specific model with those features or alternatives with similar features. The memory is a 3200MHz CL16 kit for cheap, you could get something better, but I personally don't think it's worth it when looking at the price difference. Also what memory you got currently? Not sure on the WC block, probably someone else can help with that.
  7. AMD CPUs currently use less power then Intel equivalents, and your EVGA 850W G2 is enough for a OC'd 10900K + a 250W GPU(like your 1080Ti) which is the CPU with the highest power consumption without going HEDT. As example of the power consumption, the 3700X uses about the same amount of power as your 7700K.
  8. The 1650 Super performs closer to the 580 while using significantly less power than the 570, which also mean that it can be quieter/cooler especially when using lower quality coolers. It is usually worse than the 570 when looking at pure FPS/$ but that depends a lot on the exact prices, and obviously how much the person pays for electricity and how much the extra heat/noise is going to bother them could change how important the FPS/$ metric is for them. The 1650 is just bad for the price together with the 5500XT.
  9. Either go for the slightly over budget 1650 Super or the 570, the 1650 non-Super is a bad buy for most people.
  10. I don't think there's any significant difference in wear between the fans running faster or slower, but I don't really know for sure.
  11. It is possible but not really worth doing. In general if you want better cooling you need to avoid "cheap" models when you buy the GPU and make sure the airflow in the case is good. But as long the GPU isn't throttling due to temps and the noise is acceptable I wouldn't care much about it. If you really want to get better temperatures the easiest way to drop them would be to make the fan curve more aggressive, but that obviously would increase the noise.
  12. Lower ambient temperatures, better cases(or just cases that are more open), better case fans, more aggressive fan curves(louder), and in case the "on the same graphics card" mean 1070 and not MSI 1070 Armor then better gpu coolers.
  13. If this is the 3090/3080 Ti and it costs $1000+ it's pretty bad, if it is the 3080 and it costs $700 or less it is pretty good. A lot of people are assuming that this is the 3090/3080 Ti but if that is the case it would be ridiculously bad compared to Nvidia last big node jump where the 980Ti got beaten by ~30% on average by the 1080, and in TimeSpy according to the Guru3D test, 980Ti = 5327 and 1080 = 7591 so more than the 30% average difference, naturally this would change if Nvidia went back to normal pricing and the 3090/3080 Ti was around $700 maximum. The jump from the 780Ti to the 980 was pretty close to 30% in Time spy so if that isn't the 3080 it would be together with Turing another really bad improvement and only 30% improvement would actually put AMD in a position to be able to "match" the performance of the 3090/3080Ti which is something that I would think that Nvidia really doesn't want to happen.
  14. I personally still think that Control doesn't look amazing with RT, it just looks "lacking" without it which makes using RT have more impact than it normally would. But agree with waiting for information on Cyberpunk, that's kinda why I added the cheaper 5600XT as option with the idea of upgrading if needed, as I think that RTX 2000 will drop really hard after the new GPUs are released making it not really worth as a "future proof" option, and the cheaper 5600XT would work as a good value placeholder until there's information on the new GPUs and maybe the game, again assuming they got no GPU currently.
  15. Looking at the prices on Amazon JP I would probably go for either the 5700XT(~¥45,000) or the 5600XT(~¥ 35,000) now, and if needed upgrade to a faster GPU after they get released, kinda assuming you got no GPU currently. If you have a decent GPU(the one you had before the Vega maybe) than waiting might be a good option. Also unless the 1080Ti costs around the same as the 5700XT it isn't a good deal, as the 5700XT performs pretty close to it.