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  1. Assuming you're using a simple text editor (notepad, nano, vi, etc.).
  2. I decided to go with the ROG Strix GL702ZC (17" - Ryzen 7 1600 - 256 GB SSD - 16 GB RAM - RX 580), since I get more bang for the buck and also I have the ability to upgrade to CPU down the road (Ryzen 2 or 3). I will also be getting the CPU and GPU re-pasted (and maybe thermal pads installed). I am still open to suggestions
  3. Real world CPU performance
  4. If you end up using VMs can you see how many you can run simultaneously and also multitasking while VM(s) are open in the background?
  5. Have you tried sideloading Linux? If so can you explain the experience (Drivers, Hardware issues, etc.)?
  6. I don't see resellers advertising the 120 HZ on PA71HP6-G (XoticPC, HIDEvolution, LPC-Digital)
  7. Was a USB or CD with all of the drivers included in the box?
  8. Thank you, this helped a lot. As of now, I'm debating whether to get the 3-year Limited U.S. Warranty or just keep the 1-year. Did you opt for the extended warranty?
  9. I am thinking of getting this laptop (from HIDevolution) and was wondering if there are any hardware issues that you have had so far (backlight bleed, dead pixels, hardware stopped, etc.)? Also when you say 'hot' do you mean hot enough to cook food or a slight heat? And most importantly what is the build quilty like(screen/keyboard flex, etc.)? Sorry for all of the question, it's my first time buying a 'Gaming Laptop' and my first time buying from a not top-tier company. BTW great review very detailed and to the point
  10. On NBR, some people say the laptop thermal throttles, is this true?
  11. I decided to choose a Sager/Clevo laptop, I am currently deciding between the SAGER NP7870 (CLEVO N870HP6) or SAGER NP8370 (CLEVO PA71HP6-G), debating weather G-Sync and a fingerprint scanner worth the upgrade
  12. Any thoughts on the GIGABYTE P57WV6-PC3D ( i7 6700HQ - 126 GB SSD + 1 TB HHD - 16 GB RAM )?